Re-checking or appealing a grade

If you are unhappy with a grade which you receive, please carefully review the feedback which you have received from your facilitator (both for the exam/assignment and for all previous coursework) as well as the Cross-University Grading Scale, which outlines the criteria for each letter grade. This may help to clarify where you have lost marks. If you would like additional feedback from your facilitator, you may e-mail your facilitator to request additional feedback.

Should you believe that a grade which you receive is incorrect; a facility to have a grade re-check conducted is available.

Step 1: Complete a Grade Re-check Form. Remember that grades can be lowered by a re-check, so be sure you really believe the grade awarded is incorrect before applying.

Step 2: Return this re-check form to both Aisling Monahan and Majella O' Dea.

Step 3: The MScSED Programme Academic Board will meet with the faculty member responsible for the module to review your query. The results of your re-check will be communicated to you by the Academic Coordinator within 3 weeks of receipt of the Grade Re-check Form. Students should also note that their grade query will automatically be brought to the attention of the Programme Academic Board and the External Examiner prior to the final University Examinations Board for a final review before preparation of result transcripts.

Step 4: If you are not satisfied with your final result on receipt of your official results transcript from the Examinations Office (sent to students in October of each academic year), you may appeal the decision to the University Appeals Board. There is a fee associated with an examination appeal and a separate appeals form must be used in this regard. Please check the Examination Appeals information on the NUI Galway website for information on deadlines and fees.