Special Seminar

Gary Montreal Seminar


Prof. Gary Donohoe talks about schizophrenia and the iRELATE project on Newtalk’s Futureproof.

Listen to the podcast here > http://www.newstalk.com/podcasts/Futureproof/Futureproof_with_Jonathan_McCrea/181010/Newsround_Exoplanets_and_Schizophrenia

Awards & Presentations

NICOG Awards 2019

Aódhan Laighneach – Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship 2019 (€96,000) - to undertake his PhD in psychiatric genetics under the supervision of Dr. Derek Morris, Irish Research Council April 2019.

Laura Costello – Scholarship award based on PhD project; Examining the effects of Childhood Trauma on Brain Structure and Connectivity in Schizophrenia, March 19

Karolina Rokita - Travel award for the Human Brain Project Student Conference in Ghent, Belgium (Feb 19): Medical University of Innsbruck

Karoline Rokita - Travel award for the ECNP Workshop for Early Career Scientists in Europe in Nice, France (Mar 19): European College of Neuropsychopharmacology

Dr Maria Dauvermann - Travel Award to attend SIRS 2019 Conference in Orlando, Florida (April 2019): Schizophrenia International Research Society

Dr Laurena Holleran - Travel award to BNA Festival (April 19): Neuroscience Ireland & British Neuroscience

NICOG Presentations 2019

Karolina Rokita – Presentation: Childhood Trauma and Social Cognition in Schizophrenia  ECNP Conference, Nice, March 19.

Laura Fahey – Oral presentations; The contribution of BCL11B related biology to schizophrenia and Cognition to VIBE meeting of Irish bioinformaticians UCD, march 2019 and to European Mathematical Genetics Meeting TCD, April 2019.

Professor Gary Donohoe - OCTC Workshop Oxford

Dr Maria Dauvermann -Talk at European Society of Traumatic Stress Studies; ESTSS June 19

NICOG Awards 2018

Dr Derek Morris - ranked in the top 1% of Clarivate Analytics list of Highly Cited Researchers for 2018

Karolina Rokita - Letter of Commendation from the University President for the widespread media coverage of my article published in European Psychiatry – 2018 (systematic review

Karolina Rokita - Press releases for systematic review (www.elsevier.com; www.healio.com)

Dr Maria Dauvermann - Erasmus+Mobility Grant by European Commission and National University of Ireland, Galway (16/01/2018)

Dr Maria Dauvermann - Nomination for the Neuroscience Ireland Early Career Investigator Award

Dr Laurena Holleran - Nomination for the Neuroscience Ireland Early Career Investigator Award

NICOG Presentations 2018

Professor Gary Donohoe - Invited oral presentation Schema Therapy Amsterdam
Professor Gary Donohoe - Invited oral presentation, ENIGMA Annual Meeting, New York Academy of Medicine, NY.
Professor Gary Donohoe - Invited oral presentation, Schizophrenia International Research Conference, Florence, Italy.
Karolina Rokita - SIRS conference in Florence, April 2018 - poster presentation on 'Early life adversity and social cognition in schizophrenia'
Karolina Rokita - NEURONUS conference in Kraków, Poland, April 2018 - poster presentation on 'Early life adversities and social cognitive dysfunction in schizophrenia and other major psychiatric disorders: a systematic review'

NICOG Presentations 2017

Professor Gary Donohoe - Invited oral presentation, International Association of Youth Mental Health, Dublin.
Professor Gary Donohoe - Invited oral presentation, Irish College of Psychiatrists, Dublin.
Professor Gary Donohoe - Invited oral presentation, European Health Psychology Society.
Professor Gary Donohoe - Invited oral presentation, Society of World Psychiatry, Copenhagen.
Dr Maria Dauvermann - School Seminar at the Intelligent Systems Research Centre -Talk- Ulster University, Derry; 01/12/2017
Jessica Holland - World Congress of Psychiatric Genetics - POSTER - Orlando, Florida: USA; 15/10/2017

NICOG Presentations 2016

Professor Gary Donohoe - Keynote address: Forum de l’Institute de Psychiatrie, Lyon, France.

NUI Galway Announce Research Excellence Award Winners 2016

Tuesday, 2 May, 2016: NUI Galway hosted the 2016 Research Excellence Awards last Friday, 29 April, when winners of the 2016 Ryan Award for Innovation and the annual President’s Awards for Research Excellence were announced. These awards are made to members of the NUI Galway research community, by the University’s President Dr Jim Browne, in recognition of their outstanding and innovative research. 

The winners of the 2016 President’s Established Researcher Awards for Research Excellence were Professor Gary Donohoe, School of Psychology and Dr Gavin Collins, Environmental Microbiology, School of Natural Sciences

Prof. Donohoe, the established professor of Psychology at NUI Galway is a European Research Council Awardee for his project on Immune response and Social cognition in schizophrenia.

Speaking at the event, Dr Jim Browne, President of NUI Galway, said: “At a national level, the higher education sector is in an era of performance-based funding. Consequently, it is important that we continue to support, recognise, and encourage outstanding research by rewarding high performance to promote the continued development of research and innovation excellence across campus. Against an increasingly competitive external environment, I am proud of the consistently high quality of our research here in NUI Galway.

Professor Lokesh Joshi, Vice-President of Research at NUI Galway, said: “NUI Galway is delighted to celebrate our researchers and the incredible work that they do. The University is committed to producing research that is recognised as being excellent, transformative, and relevant to societal and economic needs. To date NUI Galway has had the highest success rate of all Irish institutions in EU Horizon 2020 funding for research, and among the top 40 in Europe drawing down €30 million. We will continue to support and invest in excellent people to ensure we constantly excel in our achievements, which include: Four Thomson Reuters Highly Cited Researchers in 2015; QS Rankings increase to 250-275 in 2015/2016; and increasing our position in the top 200 of the World University Rankings 2015.”