Open Courses

NUI Galway offers a number of Open Online Courses (known more widely as MOOCS, or massive open online courses) spanning a range of subject areas. There are a number of types of course available under this scheme:

  • General, introductory level short courses on topics of interest to a broad audience

  • ‘Taster’ modules associated with formal university programmes, allowing potential students an opportunity to learn a little about the subject

  • CPD (continuing professional development) modules which focus on specific professional issues

  • Specialist training opportunities on particular skills development


Open Courses do not carry any formal academic credit and are designed purely for self-study and general interest. Given the nature of these modules there is no personal tuition or one-to-one feedback, but many are backed up by online discussion and peer contributions. Certificates of Completion are usually available to those who participate in the various exercises and activities. The format of each of the courses varies depending on the subject area and the programme team and will vary from module to module. Given the pace of development, particular platforms used for content delivery may also change, although at present most of our open modules are available through Blackboard Coursesites.


Open Courses are made available at different stages in the year and offerings for 2013-2014 will be advertised shortly.

Topics include:

  • An Introduction to Irish Studies – history and archaeology

  • Planning Change and Innovation

  • Legal Capacity Law and Policy

  • Big Linked Data Analytics

  • Teaching Today – Contemporary Issues for Secondary Teaching