Making research and education accessible to all.

 Open Science is a global movement towards research and educational practices that are collaborative and transparent. The aim of open science is to make research and educational resources publicly available as early as possible, as well as actively encouraging the co-creation of knowledge and participation in research by the general public. Despite the terminology used, Open Science encompasses all disciplines, including arts and the humanities, and also includes open educational resources (OER), open educational practices (OEP) and open pedagogy. At present there is a growing revolution to change how information is produced and used, with the aim of improving efficiency, access and equity of research and educational outputs for all.

NUI Galway Open Science Week is the first of its kind in Ireland, and is an exciting and innovative event that will bring together researchers, academics, educators, policymakers and members of the public to highlight and showcase what open science is and how it can be achieved, to work together towards creating knowledge that is open and accessible to all. Events taking place across exciting, innovative event will target several elements of Open Science, including Open Data, Open Access, Open Education and Citizen Science.