Centre for Climate and Air Pollution Studies (C-CAPS)

The Centre for Climate and Air Pollution Studies (C-CAPS), is one of four thematic research centres of NUI Galway's Environmental Change Institute. The Centre consolidates research interests in the areas of climate change and air pollution, enabling physical, chemical, and biological sciences, socio-economic impacts, and policy development.

C-CAPS aims to promote durable and sustainable multi- and inter-disciplinary research with the aim of delivering the most informed quantification and predictive assessments of climate change and the impacts of air pollution.

The centre is currently active in the following research areas:

  • Climate Change
    • Regional Climate Modelling and Predictions
    • Air Quality-Climate Interactions
    • Climate-Ecosystem interactions
  • Atmospheric Composition
    • Measurements and Modelling of Aerosol Formation and Transformation
    • Aerosol-Cloud Interactions
    • Reactive and Trace Gas Cycling
    • Combustion Chemistry
    • Anthropogenic Fuel Emissions
  • Air Quality
    • Measurements of Urban and Regional Air Quality
    • Air Quality Modelling
    • Quantification of Long-Range and Hemispheric Transport of Pollutants
    • Indoor Air Quality and Occupational Hygiene
  • Atmosphere-Ocean Exchange
    • Biogeochemical Cycling
    • Air-Sea Fluxes of Greenhouse and Reactive Gases
    • Air-Sea Fluxes of Aerosols
    • Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Modelling
    • Modelling of Tidal Surges and Flooding
  • Climate-Ecosystem Interactions
    • Impacts of Marine Algae on Climate
    • Impacts of Pollution and Environmental Change on Ecosystems

Mace Head Atmospheric Research Supersite

Global Atmospheric Watch (GAW) station, European Monitoring & Evaluation Project (EMEP) station, EU Research Project Station (PARFORCE, MAP, EUCAARI, ACCENT), and EU Integrating Infrastructure Initiative Station (EUSAAR, GEOMON, IMECC). Facilities include state-of-the-art aerosol and gas instruments, cloud and wave radar instrumentation, aerosol and meteorological profilers, micrometeorological flux measurements, and a marine meteorology and chemistry buoy facility deployed by the Marine Institute.

Atmosphere-Ocean Modelling & Informatics Facility

Comprises a range of atmospheric and oceanic models, including regional climate models with atmospheric composition, coupled ocean models, stand-alone process models, and GIS informatics systems. These models are used to provide quantitative predications underpinning policy development.

Chemical Combustion Facility

For fundamental research into the combustion of fossil fuels and biofuels and the application of combustion research to the design of energy-efficient engine and gas turbine systems and the impact of their use on toxic and greenhouse gas emissions.

Funded research positions will be advertised at http://www.nuigalway.ie/c-caps/vacancies.html as they come available.