Child and Family Research Centre

The Child and Family Research Centre is involved in research, education and training in the area of children and families. The Centre is committed to better outcomes for disadvantaged children and youth through family support.  We work in collaboration with national and international centres of excellence for child and family welfare and provide research and evaluation expertise to public, private and voluntary organisations with a particular focus on brokering between theory policy and applied practice.


Parental Participation in Child Protection Case Conferences

An exploratory study on the level and nature of the participation by parents in child protection conferences, undertaken with the aim of improving the delivery of services. 

Limerick Youth Advocacy Programme (YAP)

An evaluation study of the Limerick Youth Advocacy Programme jointly with the Children's Research Centre, Trinity College Dublin.

Girls and Boys Town Mayo and Roscommon (Mol an Oige)

The aim of this evaluation is to assess the implementation and value of the Girls and Boys Town model of intervention currently being piloted in Mayo and Roscommon by the HSE.

All-Ireland Programme for Immigrant Parents (ALL-PIP) Evaluation

The project is an evaluation of work being carried out by the ISPCC on the development of supplementary parenting tools to be used by professionals working with immigrant communities on the island of Ireland. 

Developing Monitoring and Evaluation Systems for the ISPCC

The project is developing a comprehensive overall framework and a set of specific tools to measure the process and outcomes of the work of the ISPCC, and the identification of standardised and non-standardised measures within this framework.

Evaluation of the Barnardos Family Welfare Conference Project in South Tipperary

The study examines the Barnardos Family Conference Welfare Project in South Tipperary, focusing on the project operations to date and examining the outcomes of conferences. 

Evaluation of the Impact of the Big Brothers Big Sisters Mentoring Programme on Youth at Risk in Both Community and School Contexts

An evaluation of the effectiveness of the Big Brother Big Sister (BBBS) programme in providing mentoring support for youth at risk in the West of Ireland

Lone Parents Tracking Study

This project arises out of an extensive study on access to the labour market and education/training by those parenting alone undertaken by the CFRC in 2007.  A new pilot project is working intensively with a small number of individuals parenting alone in order to support their access to work /education and training.

Youth Café How-To Guide

The how-to guide for the establishment and operation of youth cafes will assist those interested in starting up a youth café in their area. It will be targeted at young people, particularly adolescents, and adults (professionals and volunteers) involved in setting up and running cafes.

Best Buddies Programme Evaluation

An evaluation of Best Buddies, a US friendship programme targeted at students with intellectual disability in Tuam and Galway City.

Research on Young Carers in the Irish Population

The aim of this research is to examine mechanisms through which young carers (15-17 years old) in the Irish population can be identified, to assess the impact of caring on their lives and the ways in which they can be assisted.

Community Safety Initiative (CSI) Evaluation

The core focus of this evaluation study will be to examine the process element of the CSI, and also to explore perceived outcomes of the initiative, and its wider contextual arena, on the safety and wellbeing of children in the area.

Educational Action Research (EAR) Project Evaluation, Athlone

The Athlone Community Taskforce established its Educational Action Research project, which undertook a child-centred action research project resulting in a wide-ranging programme of transition focused interventions.The CFRC is undertaking an evaluation to ascertain the effectiveness of these interventions in assisting with the transition from primary to post-primary school.

Wizard of Words

An evaluation, using Randomised Control Trials to assess the reading improvement service, Wizard of Words, implemented by Barnardos, among first and second class primary school students in Dublin and Limerick.

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