National Centre for Laser Applications

The National Centre for Laser Applications was established as a centre of excellence in laser technology.  We work with industry through consultancy, laboratory-based feasibility trials, full R&D services,  technology transfer,  prototyping,  laser safety audits and tailored training courses in laser technology, applications and safety. We're also active in collaborative research within National and European research frameworks.

Inspire (Integrated Nanoscience Platform for Ireland)

Member of the Inspire consortium that aims to progress nanoscience related research and infrastructure in Ireland

Ultrafast laser processing of materials

Application of picosecond and femtosecond lasers to industrial manufacturing processes

Nanostructuring of material surfaces

In a collaborative project with microbiologists in NCBES, we are following a top-down formalism and developing advance laser-based techniques to fabricate nanostructures on polymer surfaces

Computational modelling: Short pulse ablation of silicon

This project focuses on the industrial machining of silicon and how the throughput of laser ablative processes can be increased by changing the laser process and the environment in which the ablated material is transported.

Computational modeling: Short pulse laser nanostructuring on a metal surface

Our current study is aimed on theoretical investigations of the physical mechanisms responsible for the formation of microshell and nanojet structures on the surface of metals.

Development of a process for zero-particulate laser machining of medical devices in a clean manufacturing environment (ZEROMED)

The aim of the project is to develop a laser-based process for the machining of small (micron-scale) dimension features in polymer materials with a substantially reduced level of particulate generation.

Interactive beam delivery system for advanced laser micromachining

The miniaturisation of chemical diagnostics and chemical synthesis systems is the principal driver for the research proposed in this project.

Surface activation of polymer materials

This project investigates the applicability of optical surface modification techniques to improve the performance of polymer materials in two related areas, namely enhancement of biocompatibity or bioactivity, and the optimisation of adhesive bond strength.

Femtosecond micromachining of metallic and semiconductor materials

The objective of this project is to develop high quality laser micro-machining processes where no thermal damage is evident in materials.

Researchers in this centre have access to the following facilities and equipment:

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