LightHOUSE is the Centre for Applied Photonics at NUI Galway. It focuses on the development and application of advanced technologies in the field of applied photonics. The centre is a research partnership, combining the expertise of the National Centre for Laser Applications (NCLA) and the Applied Optics Group, both located in the Department of Physics NUI Galway, into a centre of excellence in applied photonics with regional and national impact and importance on the international research stage.

Underpinning Technologies

The emphasis in this strand will be to concentrate on developing applications in areas such as nano-structuring for biomedical applications, nano-particulate generation, and optical control/delivery techniques for ultra high resolution processing for the benefit of other partners.

Science of Laser-Material Interaction

A core aim will be to develop, based on a combination of experimental and computational techniques, a fundamental understanding of the interaction of laser energy with advanced materials on time-scales from milliseconds to femto-seconds.

Emerging Technologies

This strand will seek to conduct research related to technologies that, although pre-competitive, have already entered the mainstream of scientific and technology research.

Future Technologies

This research strand will seek to identify 'blue sky' research programmes within the Applied Photonics field where the timeframe for technology readiness is perhaps greater than five years. It is expected that the research capability and fundamental understanding developed in the other strands will support and drive lightHOUSE as a foundry for future technologies in photonics.

Researchers in this centre have access to the following facilities and equipment:

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