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The Moore Institute promotes research and research-led teaching in the Humanities and Social Studies.  We combine technology and culture in innovative ways that enrich the lives of individuals and communities,  and we assist senior researchers in developing their research for the academic and public spheres and the cultural and creative industries. We engage in research that cuts across disciplines,  demanding creative thinking and dynamic interactions.


Protecting the Inscribed Stones of Ireland

This project will gather and analyse data on the inscribed stones of Ireland, at a time when such monuments are increasingly threatened with physical damage and destruction. The research will focus especially on Clonmacnois, and will incorporate new technologies for archaeological research, such as laser profilometry.

Columbanus' Life and Legacy

This project will investigate the textual and visual evidence for the life and work of the medieval Irish missionary Columbanus, whose striking impact on European culture is still insufficiently documented and understood. The project will result, among other things, in the creation of new digital editions and archaeological surveys.

Texts, Transmission and Cultural Exchange

This project will illuminate the impact of travel writing and images on the transmission and exchange of culture within Europe and between Europe, Asia and the Americas from the 17th to the 19th centuries. Among the results of this research will be several new databases and editions of historical, literary and visual material.

Irish Landed Estates

This project will expand an IRCHSS-funded database project on the landed estates of Connaught from the 18th -20th centuries by producing a similar online database of the estates of Munster, thus facilitating access to valuable information that has hitherto been dispersed and disorganised. Researchers on this project will also produce analyses of the economic, social and cultural impacts of Irish landed estates.

Globalisation, Empire and Culture

This project will trace some of the relations between European imperialism and media of various types, including newspapers, popular theatre and religious texts. Among its tasks will be the construction of an online archive of primary materials for further study in this area.

TEXTE: Transfer of Expertise in Technologies of Editing

This project will fund six post-doctoral European researchers to work at NUI, Galway, creating electronic archives and editions of historical and literary texts using new technologies of imaging, text-encoding, editing, and hypermedia publication.

The Internationalization of Irish Drama, 1975-2005

This project will locate the development of Irish theatrical culture during this period in a comparative international context, with a major focus on Ireland's changing relationships with the wider world.

Thomas Moore Hypermedia Archive

The aim of this project is to collect the complete poetical, musical and prose works of Thomas Moore (1779-1852) in the form of an electronic hypermedia archive, publishable in a pilot form on the World Wide Web at the end of three years.

Estates, Residences and Schools of Gaelic Learned Families c. 1300-1650

This project investigates the lands, settlements and material culture of the hereditary professional class who practised law, poetry and medicine, compiled and transmitted texts, and kept schools in the classical Gaelic tradition in the period c.1300 - 1650.

The 1641 rebellion in history and memory

The primary focus of this project is on the memory and meaning of the Irish rebellion of 1641 within Protestant communities in Ireland up to the present day.

The emergence of European identity in Ireland and Poland

The proposed project investigates the changing configurations of national identity in Polish and Irish cultural production from 1990 to the present.

Postgraduate research projects

English Merchants and Opportunities in Virginia and the West Indies, 1600 - 1630
The Meaning and Cultural Function of the Irish Harp 1781-1916
The Transplantation To Connacht 1652-1675
Movement of Objects and People in Early Medieval Europe
The Role and Perceptions of the Agents of the London Merchant Companies in the Plantation of Ulster 1601-41
Nineteenth Century Interpretations of Early Modern Irish historiography
A Study of the decoration of the littores notabiliores in The Cathach (R.I.A. Ms 12 R 33)
Ethnic identity among the Volga Germans in Russia, 1870-1918

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