Dr James Ward

MSc, Dr. rer. nat.

Contact Details

Lecturer Bar/College Lecturer
Room ADB-1007
Áras De Brún
School of Mathematics, Statistics and Applied Mathematics

T: Ext. 2754
E: james.ward@nuigalway.ie
W: http://maths.nuigalway.ie/staff/jjward.shtml


Research Interests

Algebra, Subnormal Subgroups, History of Mathematics

Peer Reviewed Journals

  Year Publication
(1991) '100 years of Dixon's Identity'
James J Ward (1991) '100 years of Dixon's Identity'. Bulletin Of The Irish Mathematical Society, 27 :46-54 [Details]
(1990) 'Note on the Diophantine Equation x^x(y^y) = z^z'
James J Ward (1990) 'Note on the Diophantine Equation x^x(y^y) = z^z'. Bulletin Of The Irish Mathematical Society, 24 :71-73 [Details]
(1990) 'A Survey of Subnormal Subgroups'
James J Ward (1990) 'A Survey of Subnormal Subgroups'. Bulletin Of The Irish Mathematical Society, 25 :38-50 [Details]
(1987) 'The Euler phi-function and probability'
Jamjes J Ward (1987) 'The Euler phi-function and probability'. Bulletin Of The Irish Mathematical Society, 19 :80-81 [Details]
(1986) 'Outer automorphisms of $S_6$ and coset enumeration'
Ward, James (1986) 'Outer automorphisms of $S_6$ and coset enumeration'. Proc. Roy. Irish Acad. Sect. A, 86 (1):45-50 [Details]
WARD, J (1986) 'OUTER AUTOMORPHISMS OF S-6 AND COSET ENUMERATION'. Proceedings Of The Royal Irish Academy Section A-Mathematical And Physical Sciences, 86 :45-50 [Details]
(1985) 'Permuting subalgebras of full matrix algebras'
Ward, James J. (1985) 'Permuting subalgebras of full matrix algebras'. Arch. Math. (Basel), 45 (5):418-430 [DOI] [Details]
(1985) 'Permuting subalgebra of full matrix algebras'
James J Ward (1985) 'Permuting subalgebra of full matrix algebras'. Archiv Der Mathematik, 45 :418-430 [Details]

Edited Books

  Year Publication
C. M. Campbell, T. C. Hurley, E. F. Robertson, S. J. Tobin, J. J. Ward (Ed.). (1995) Groups '93 Galway/St Andrews (2 Volumes). Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press. [Details]

Professional Associations

  Association Function From / To
European Mathematical Society Member /
Societe Mathematique de France Member /
American Mathematical Society member /
London Mathematical Society Member /
Irish Mathematical Society Member /


  Committee Function From / To
Examination Appeals Committee Member 02-SEP-13 /


  Year Institution Qualification Subject
1982 Albert-Ludwigs Universitaet, Freiburg i. Br., Germany PhD On CP Subgroups and CP Subrings



Teaching Interests

Algebra: Group Theory, Field Theory, Ring Theory, Linear Algebra.
Discrete Mathematics, Enumerative Combinatorics, Probability, History of Mathematics.

Modules Taught

  Term/Year Module Title Module Code Subject / Desc
2013 Mathematics MA160 Algebra
2013 Mathematics for Finance MA199
2013 Mathematics MA190 Algebra
2013 Discrete Mathematics MA204
2013 Mathematics for 2nd Engineering MA2101