Professor TED HURLEY

MSc, PhD



Research Interests

Algebra, Group Rings, Group Theory, Cryptography, Coding Theory, Computer Algebra

Peer Reviewed Journals

  Year Publication
(2014) 'Cryprtgraphic schemes, key exchange, public key'
Hurley, Ted (2014) 'Cryprtgraphic schemes, key exchange, public key'. International Journal Of Pure And Applied Mathematics, 6 (93):897-927 [Details]
(2014) 'Group rings for communications'
Hurley, Ted (2014) 'Group rings for communications'. Journal Of Group Theory, [Details]
(2014) 'Paraunitary matrices and group rings'
Hurley, Barry and Hurley, Ted (2014) 'Paraunitary matrices and group rings'. Journal Of Group Theory, 3 (1):31-56 [Details]
(2014) 'Systems of MDS codes from units and idempotents'
Hurley, Barry and Hurley, Ted (2014) 'Systems of MDS codes from units and idempotents'. Discrete Mathematics, (335):81-91 [Details]
(2014) 'Algebraic Structures for Communications'
Hurley, Ted (2014) 'Algebraic Structures for Communications'. Contemporary Mathematics, (611):59-78 [Details]