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Jane Conroy

Introducing Jane Conroy

Jane Conroy holds a personal chair in French at NUI Galway. She obtained her early degrees in Galway and her doctorate in Paris 4 (Sorbonne).  In 2001 she was granted a Government of Ireland Senior Research Fellowship by the Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences, and in 2005 the Académie Française awarded her its major prize, the Grand Prix de la Francophonie, for her published works in French.  She is a chevalier of the Ordre National du Mérite and a m ember of the Royal Irish Academy.

Conroy's distinguished career

Her publications are mainly in the area of early modern French literature and cultural history , travel writing and cross-cultural exchange from the mid- 17 th to the mid- 19th century. They include   Terres tragiques (1999) and, as editor, Cross-cultural travel(2003) and Franco-Irish connections (2009). She is preparing an edition of Le Comte d’Essex by Thomas Corneille (for publication by Garnier in the collection directed by Christopher Gossip), and an edition of Charles-Étienne Coquebert de Montbret’s account of his travels in Ireland (1789–93).  With Dr Daniel Carey (English) she has co-directed projects in two cycles of PRTLI - funded research (2001–05, 2007 – 11) on travel literature in the Moore Institute, NUIG. In 2008, the current project was awarded further funding by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation (200811). She is Principal Investigator for the Royal Irish Academy's Digital Humanities Observatory and Academy Digital Resources project, also funded under PRTLI4 (2007 – 11) and until recently was Royal Irish Academy Humanities and Social Sciences Secretary (2005–2010).



Current positions in scientific associations and committees include: Irish correspondent for the Association pour la diffusion de la recherche littéraire ( ADIREL), member of the HEA's Working Group on Foresight in the Arts, Humanities and Soc ial Sciences, and of the European Science Foundation's Pool of Reviewers. Ordinary memberships include the Centre de recherches sur la littérature des voyages ( CRLV),  the Society for French Studies, the Society for  Seventeenth-Century French Studies and the Eighteenth-Century Ireland Society.

Jane Conroy

Jane Conroy