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Dr Sinisa Malesevic 

Introducing Sinisa Malesevic 

Dr Sinisa Malesevic is a political sociologist with a research interest in the comparative-historical and theoretical study of ethnicity and nationalism, ideology, war, violence as well as in sociological theory. He is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Political Science and Sociology at NUI Galway and co-Director of the Centre for the Study of Nationalism and Organized Violence within SSRC at NUI Galway.   He is also a Leader of the Power, Conflict and Ideologies research cluster in the School of Political Science and Sociology.

Malesevic obtained his BA degree in sociology from Zagreb University (Croatia), MA in sociology and politics from the Central European University (Prague) and Lancaster University (UK) and PhD in sociology from UCC.

Eelected Member of the Royal Irish Academy

He is author and editor of 9 books including influential and highly regarded monographs Ideology, Legitimacy and the New State (Routledge, 2002), The Sociology of Ethnicity (Sage, 2004), Identity as Ideology: Understanding Ethnicity and Nationalism (Palgrave, 2006) and The Sociology of War and Violence (Cambridge University Press 2010). Dr Malesevic has also authored over 50 peer reviewed international journal articles and book chapters. His work has been translated into several languages. Previously he was a research fellow in the Institute for International Relations (Zagreb) and the Centre for the Study of Nationalism (Prague). He also held visiting research fellowships in the Institute for Human Sciences (Vienna) and the London School of Economics. In March 2010 he was elected a Member of the Royal Irish Academy.

Malesevic's distinguished career 

Dr. Malesevic is a policy advisor, peer review referee for the project proposals, analyses and policy papers for the UK Government’s Department of International Development. He acts as a referee for numerous academic journals, book publishers and was member of several editorial boards of various academic journals including most recently Croatian Sociological Review and Brazilian bilingual journal World Tensions/Tensoes Mundiais.   Dr Malesevic also contributes to mass media in Ireland and abroad and was recipient of many research grants, fellowships and scholarships.  

Dr. Malesevic is currently working on the new project that focuses on the relationships between war and nationalism in the Balkans over the last two hundred years and is jointly organizing a conference with Prof. John Hall, McGill University on the comparative study of wars and nationalisms in a global perspective which will feature papers from 20 world leading social scientists working in this field and will take place at McGill University, Montreal in March 2011.

Sinisa Malesevic