Research Highlight Archive

New €6 million EU Horizon 2020 research project launched using stem cell therapy to treat diabetic kidney disease - June 2015

NUI Galway Partner in €4 Million European Research Project - March 2014

Parents Influence Children’s Tendency to Comfort Eat - Nov 2014

Researchers see potential in stem cells to fight cornea transplant rejection - Sept 2014

Salt consumption has a sweet spot - August 2014

First Irish Researcher to Receive a European Research Council Grant in Any Field of Literature

Risks for psychosis could be identified through tell-tale signs - May 2014

Emerging Renewable Oil Crop - May 2014

NFB Research on Faster Construction of Engineered Tissues - February 2014

Ireland’s First Human Use Stem Cell Manufacturing Facility at NUI Galway - January 2013

NUI Galway Scientists Discover New Deep-Sea Habitats in Irish Waters - Nov 2013

NUI Galway Study Finds Recovery in Numbers of Pine Marten - October 2013

Marine Scientists Explore Biodiversity and Ecosystems in Irish Waters - July 2013

Groundbreaking Research in Global Health and Development - May 2013

Investigating why people ‘comfort’ eat - May 2013

Bio-Diversifying Agriculture and Diet is Crucial to Global Health - May 2013

Tidal, wave and offshore wind energy focus of conference - April 2013

Research Shows Promising Treatment for Diabetic Wounds using Stem Cells - March 2013

How the Brain Suppresses Pain During Times of Stress - March 2013

Rocket Engineers to Develop New Materials to Improve Space Launchers - February 2013

€2 million Project to Harness the Potential of Marine Resources - February 2013

Interest Grows in New Hip Implant Technology from NUI Galway - January 2013

Critical Edition of Important Travel Writings - Nov 2012

Nanomaterials in a Heart Beat - Sept 2012

NUI Galway Scientists Identify Novel Role for Small RNA Molecules in Breast Cancer - Aug 2012

Phytoplankton Blooms May Remove Atmospheric Carbon - July 2012

NUI Galway to Lead a European Research Project to Restore Blood Vessels - June 2012

Antarctic Octopus Points to New Evidence of Ice-Sheet Collapse - May 2012

‘Scouting’ Molecules Give New Direction for Drug Development - May 2012

Marine Scientists to Explore Whittard Canyon for Biodiversity - April 2012

Study Calls Sodium Intake Guidelines into Question - Dec 2011

Stopping Bugs that Smash Antibiotics - Nov 2011

Pulsars Discoveries by NUI Galway Astronomers - Aug 2011

NUI Galway Marine Biologist Part of Major Scientific Discovery - Aug 2011

Life in ‘Inner Space’- July 2011

Strategic Research Agreement into Road Safety Technology - April 2011 

Prostate Cancer Institute - April 2011

Bright ideas to conquer new worlds - Dec 2010

Remedi researchers take part in European Osteoarthritis Project  - Nov 2010

Studying stem cells in a marine invertebrate - Oct 2010

NUI Galway Involved in European Radiation Research - Aug 2010

NUI Galway research may leed to cancer drugs  - July 2010

New Ambient Assisted Living Research Initiative - July 2010

Business and every day web users look for a multilingual semantic web - June 2010

With the right help sewage can make clean new energy - April 2010

NUI Galway Researchers Find Disinfectants May Promote Growth of Superbugs - Feb 2010

Early detection of breast cancer - Nov 2009

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