At NUI Galway we acknowledge that each and every student is different, and we pride ourselves on offering an inclusive learning experience for everyone. NUI Galway is the perfect environment where your son or daughter can make the transition to university and adulthood in a safe and friendly setting. 

Our students have access to an extensive range of support services which they can avail of at any time. We are always here to answer any queries or issues that they may have.


We have a range of support services, from career guidance, to counselling, to a dedicated on-campus medical unit that ensures the medical and emotional wellbeing of all our students.

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NUI Galway runs a Safe Campus campaign which supports student safety both on and off campus, including home and personal safety, consent awareness, water safety, and pre-training for overseas volunteering and more.

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Our Accommodation Office is here to help our students find the right accommodation. Our team will assist you in choosing the right type of accommodation for your child.

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Going to university is an exciting time whether you are staying at home or moving away and with so many new costs to consider it can be tough financially on students and their families. Our Welfare Team is here to support and advise you on budgeting, managing money and availability of third level grants.

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Here at NUI Galway, we are delighted to offer you a range of academic and sports scholarships.

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The Access Centre helps individuals realise their educational potential irrespective of their educational background, age or personal health circumstances. It provides support for students participating in access programmes, students with disabilities and mature students.

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