Parking in NUI Galway is provided for Staff, Students, Visitors and invited guests, as shown on signs at each campus gate. You must have a valid permit to park in staff/student spaces and you must display a valid Pay & Display (P&D) ticket to park in P&D spaces, which are marked with blue lines. To park in Universally Accessible bays (reserved for disabled drivers), you must display the NRB/EU "Blue Badge" or a valid Temporary Disability Permit. There are also temporary and contractor/supplier permits available.  Details of the application process for each of these permits is available on the website.  If you are entitled to park, as above, you must only park within marked spaces appropriate to this permit. If you are found to be infringing the above rules, you may be clamped.

The Parking Management Appeals Group is in place to hear appeals against the application of a clamp on the basis of:

  • The incorrect application of a clamp
  • Unfair treatment
  • Extraordinary circumstances

The group cannot consider the following as valid reasons for the appeal:

  • Being late for work/lectures
  • Inability to find a parking space
  • Lack of knowledge of the system
  • Disagreement with the principles of the system
  • Leaving a self composed note in the window

The Parking Management Appeals Group meets periodically and their decision is final. If you wish to lodge an appeal, please complete the Clamping Appeal form and return it to: "Parking Management Appeals Group, c/o Parking & Travel Office, NUI Galway." within two months from the date of clamping.  Appeals can only be considered when submitted on this form.