Travel & Expenses Payment Dates for Staff & Scholarships

Expenses payment run is processed twice a month for fully authorised claims entered on Agresso financial system.

Payroll Payment Dates

Weekly paid Staff payroll is processed on each Friday of the relevant week
Monthly paid Staff payroll (Campus Visitors, Employees Paid on Timesheets & Pensioners) is processed on the 3rd last working day of the month except December.
Student Scholarship / Fellowship payment is processed on the 6th last working day of the month except December.


Monthly Payroll (Staff, Campus Visitors, Employees paid on Timesheets & Pensioners)
Scholarship Student Payments
27th January 22nd January                        
 24th February  19th February                       
 29th March  24th March                         
 28th April  23rd April                          
 27th May  24th May                          
 28th June  23rd June                         
 28th July  23rd July                         
 27th August  24th August                    
 28th September  23rd September                
 27th October  21st October                   
 26th November  23rd November               
 To be confirmed  To be confirmed