Why an individuals employment should be ceased when they are not currently receiving a payment

Ceasing an employee on payroll is required for updating Revenue and Social Welfare.  Your employment needs to be ceased with NUI Galway for the following reasons.

  1. This ensures they are taxed correctly in other employments.
  2. This allows them to receive a tax refund if unemployed - See how to claim a tax and USC refund if unemployed
  3. This reduces issues and form filling required by Social Welfare when individuals are claiming unemployment benefit.

What you need to do to cease your employment

When an employee who is paid on timesheets submits their final timesheet and to the best of their knowledge will not be taking up further employment within the next 3 months; they should email payroll@nuigalway.ie with the following information:

  1. Payroll ID number
  2. Latest work date
  3. Confirmation that their timesheet was submitted for payment before the 10th of the month and that they will receive their final payment in the next payroll.

What you need to do if you return and commence employment at NUI Galway

Please see the process required for starting employment under the heading "Rehiring a previous employee of NUI Galway".