Managers engaging individuals for work that is paid on timesheets

Before engaging the services of an individual

Before engaging the services of any individual it is important that the engaging managers understand the differences between an employee and 'self-employed'.

When the manager believes the engagement to be employment, the individual will be paid as a PAYE employee and processed via Payroll.

HR have outlined on their website here the recruitment & payment process for different categories of Teaching Support Staff.

An individual starting employment

The head of School/Discipline (or nominee) must ensure each employee has the required information to be set up for payment. Please click here for further information.

Employment Contract for Teaching Support Staff

Submit approved contract to by HRs deadline prior to commencing employment. Refer to HR policy QA106 & QA107

Click here for information about this process.


An employee should be paid the following month of when the work was carried out to ensure tax and PRSI is deducted from their payment in the correct period. Delaying employee’s payments can affect their social welfare entitlements and their record with Revenue.

Click here for payment process and timesheets.

  • The Hourly rate should not be less than the minimum wage -

From 1st Feb 2020 €10.10 per hour
From 1st Jan 2021 €10.20 per hour

  • The relevant payment form should be complete for the type of work being paid.
  • Ensure correct work dates are entered with a payment value per date. The dates recorded on the timesheet/payment form determine the individuals PRSI contributions for claiming Social Welfare Benefits.
  • Managers must ensure that all employees receive their Annual leave & Public Holiday entitlements. Payment of this must be shown separately on their timesheet.
  1. Annual Leave entitlement information  can be found on the Citizens Information website under the rules for Calculating Annual Leave.
  2. Public Holiday entitlement information can be found on the Citizens Information website under the rules for Part-time employees.
  • Authorised Section on the payment form/timesheet must be complete
  • The budget holder or delegate must email the timesheet from their own email address to the Bureau. A generic email address can’t be used.

Delegating Authorising Timesheet Payments

Payroll provide to the Bureau a Budget Holders & Approvers listing for each cost centre as per Agresso (Financial System) on the 1st  week of each month.

Adding a delegate:

The Budget Holder of the Cost Centre can delegate the timesheet authorising process for hourly paid employees, this approval is only relevant for the Payroll Office and is manually added to the list provided to the Bureau:

The Budget Holder must email with the following information:

  • The cost centre they are delegating approval for
  • The name of the person they are delegating this process to

Payroll will then add the delegated person to the authorisers list for that particular cost centre.

Payroll will email the Budget Holder when this has been updated.

Note: Timesheets can't be emailed from a general email address. The email address of the budget holder or delegate must be used.

Removing a delegate from the authorisers listing:
  • Please ensure payroll are notified if any delegates that were added to the authorisers list should be taken off the list.
  • Delegates will remain on the authorisers list until we are notified of any change.