When are Payslips available to view?

Online payslips are available to view from 9.30 a.m. on pay day

Who has access to Payslips online?

Monthly paid (current & retired staff) should access their payslips online via the internet.

This service has many advantages as follows:

  • allow you to access your payslips 24 hours a day
  • allow access to previous payslips
  • help make efficiencies in processing and printing
  • reduce our carbon footprint
  • make checking your payslip more flexible and secure

How to access payslips online

Log into CorePortal using your campus account credentials to access payslips online

 Core Portal

 Click on


Then click on display pay summary where you will be asked for your password    Core Portal Display Pay Summary

You can select‌ the latest four periods you wish to view from the left panel and then click on full payslip.

Your payslip will display where you have the option of printing a copy.

If you want to view older payslips then click on the search icon as shown on the following print screen

My Payslip

and click through to locate older payslips. Click on Open Payslip to open the payslip you want to view or print.

‌Links to FAQ's regarding Online Payslips:

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