Where can I get assistance/support?

Assistance accessing/using the service: Please see How to submit an electronic travel and subsistence claim
Assistance with financial processes or procedures: Please send an e-mail to expenses@nuigalway.ie.

Agresso IT Queries: Please review ISS FAQ's and if your query is not answered contact ISS here

What is a subaccount?

A subaccount is a cost centre (also termed budget code or project code) against which expense claims are made.  The system assigns a default subaccount to each user based on information in the CORE HR system.

Which subaccounts can I submit a travel and subsistence claim against?

Claims can only be submitted against D* and R* but not C* subaccounts. Please note there should be only one approver for each claim. i.e. can use different subaccounts as long as they belong to the same budget holder.

Can I change the default subaccount for an entire claim?

Yes. Click on How to amend a claim/How to change subaccount (also termed budget code, cost centre or project code) for an entire claim.

How to amend an incorrect subaccount?

Before saving as ready please check summary screen to ensure subaccount for each line is correct.

If you notice an incorrect subaccount please refer to How to amend a claim/How to change subaccount

If you notice an incorrect subaccount after you save as ready. Please contact incorrect subaccount budget holder/expenses office (if budget holder approved your claim in error) to reject your claim. And once rejected then refer to How to amend a claim/How to change subaccount.

Can visitors (e.g. external examiners, interviewees, Údarás members) to the Uninversity submit claims using the online system?

‌No. However, visitors can use the  Accounts Payable Travel & Expenses Claim Form


Which travel type do I choose when entering my claim?

This depends on the type of expenses on your trip. Select one of the travel types from the drop down list:

We advise to use vouched expenses for all claims to avoid issues occurring.

What do I enter if claiming kilometres?

The system doesn't calculate the distance between locations.  You just need to enter the amount of KMs travelled in the  No. km/Base Amount field.

What are the rates per kilometre?

The rates can be found here

When should I use VKMS (Vouched KMs) to claim less than standard rates?

VKMS should only be used when claiming less than standard rates

By selecting Kilometers - (b) lower than standard University KM rates you are choosing to manually enter a lower KM rate.

For example if your budget does not have sufficient funds to cover the standard rate you can use this option.

Can I change the "system" currency exchange rate?

Yes - the system automatically updates weekly but it is also possible to change this manually.

Can I change the currency for an expense item?

Yes this is possible, but note there is a technical issue with this so please follow exactly as outlined below.  
Enter the amount in the No. KM/Amount field, then TAB key to move to the next field.

If you can't find the currency of the country you visited then please use Euro.

There is no subsistence/conference rate for the country that I need - what should I do?

Travel & Subsistence Foreign Rates

Select the appropriate rate from the above file, enter your expense claim as a vouched expense travel type, and choose the appropriate expense item from the options listed (e.g. subsistence over 10 hours etc, subsistence over 24 hours).

How to check approval status of an active claim?

 Please click on the following document:

How to check approval status of an active T&S claim

Who needs to approve my expense claim?

Every expense claim must be approved by the budget holder of the subaccount (cost centre).  If the rank of the claimant is higher than the budget holder, then a second approval is required.  This is in accordance with the  NUI Galway's Travel & Subsistence policy.  ALL claims greater than €2000 must be approved by the budget holder AND an appropriate UMT member.

Where can I find information about the Triennial Travel Grant?

Please see the financial policy and procedures manual here - QA323 Triennial Travel Grant - Academic Staff

Please email eileen.callanan@nuigalway.ie for any queries relating to this.

How do I enter a claim against my Triennial Travel Grant?

Enter the expense claim as a normal "Vouched" claim - however, in  Tab 3 - Expenses  under the Expense Details heading choose Triennial Travel Grant from the dropdown menu to the right of Expense Type. You can enter the detail of what the expense item is for in the Description field.

Note: Please do NOT change the budget from the default specified under the GL Analysis section.  If you have entered each item as a "Triennial Travel Grant" expense type the claim will not be charged to your Departmental budget, but will come out of your personal Triennial Travel Grant, provided there is enough funding there.   Some users are entering D1993  which is incorrect as this is the Triennial Travel Grant budget for the University.

I cannot locate my claim - is there a way to view "draft" claims?

Usually if somebody cannot locate an expense claim it has been saved as "draft".  Click the following link for

How to search for a draft travel subsistence claim

As an approver, what notifications will I get regarding travel and subsistence claims?

Approvers with a valid NUI Galway e-mail address will receive an e-mail once a claim has been submitted against a budget of which they are budget holder.  Approvers with a specific role in the organisation will receive an e-mail if a claim requires their approval as well as the budget holder's approval.

How to approve/reject a travel & subsistence claim?

Click here for How to approve or reject a claim

As a claimant, what notifications will I get regarding travel and subsistence claims?

Claimants with a valid NUI Galway e-mail address receive an email notification when their claim has been approved by the final approver.

Claimants receive an e-mail, with remittance advice attached in a PDF file, advising them when the claim has been paid.

How do I deal with a rejected claim?

Claimants receive an e-mail if the claim has been rejected by an approver. You do not have to re-enter the entire claim, just log on and select the claim from the "rejected claim items" (task list, top right hand side beside Staff ID)

 Task Bar Agresso

Click on the number beside the tick – this will show you the rejected claim number(s).  Select the claim number you wish to amend and then modify the appropriate part of the claim.  Click save to resubmit to the approver.

Rejected claims can't be deleted so will remain on the system until it is amended.

How long will it take for my claim to be paid?

A payment run takes place weekly.  Claims that are in budget and approved by 12.00 noon on Wednesday will be included in that weeks pay run provided all relevant receipts are attached, policies and procedures are followed and it has been approved by all requisite approvers online. Payment should reach you within five working days after the payment run.

How will I receive my payment?

Claims will be paid into the same bank account into which your NUI Galway salary/wages are paid.

Why am I listed as an approver?

Good governance and best practice require openness, accountability and transparency in financial matters and a basic requirement in processing travel and subsistence claims is that they be approved at an appropriate level. 

Every budget holder is an approver for their designated subaccount (also termed cost centre, budget / project code) and must approve all claims submitted on that subaccount.  Approvers may also be employees that have a senior role in the organisation (e.g. Deans and Vice Presidents) who may have to approve claims in this role. See NUI Galway's Travel & Subsistence policy section 2.6 Approvals.

As an approver, are there reports that I can access?

Yes, after logging in click on the Reports menu bottom left. After this click on the Global reports folder on the top left and collapse the 6. Expenses folder for all expense reports.

Can an approver appoint a nominee/substitute to approve claims?

Yes, but the approver/budget holder must select a nominee/substitute who is aware of the University’s Travel & Subsistence (T&S) policy and will only approve T&S expense claims in compliance with it.  The nominee/substitute will have approval permissions on every Expense Claim sent to the Approver/budget holder (i.e. it is not possible to restrict approval permissions to specific  subaccount).    

The nominee/substitute must ensure that the claimant has entered adequate details for the T&S expense claim and has provided relevant receipts.  It is the ultimate responsibility of the approver/budget holder to ensure that T&S Expense Claims are in compliance with T&S policy. To request this the approver/budget holder must send a mail to expenses@nuigalway.ie giving the name of the nominee/substitute.

Does the University's insurance cover me when using my own vehicle on University business?

No. As stated in the QA303 Travel & Subsistence - Use of Own Transport policy, “Claimants are responsible for ensuring that they have adequate business insurance in place which indemnifies the University against all claims arising, while using private transport, on University business. By signing the University’s formal travel claim form and/or claiming reimbursement via the University’s computer system, claimants confirm that they have adequate insurance in place. The University cannot accept liability for any loss or damage resulting from the use of privately-owned transport on University business”. 

Where can I find the official University policy on claiming travel and subsistence?

Policies and Procedures are available from the Financial Accounting web site.

Can advances be claimed using travel and subsistence online?

Whilst advances are permissable under policy, they cannot be claimed using the online service and should instead be claimed by submission of an authorised email to The Payroll & Expenses Office at expenses@nuigalway.ie with full details of the trip.

How do I submit a claim for Foreign Police Certificates?

1. The cost centre code to claim costs incurred for Foreign Police Certificates is D0278

Do not submit any expenses to D0278 that do not relate to Foreign Police Certificates Expenses

2. Only expenses incurred in obtaining a Foreign Police Certificate may be claimed as per list below:

  • The cost of a Foreign Police Certificate itself
  • The cost of having fingerprints taken
  • If it was necessary to travel to an Embassy in Dublin
  • Related travel expenses
  • Travel to countries outside of Ireland may not be claimed.

3. If it was compulsory to courier an application/documents to obtain a Foreign Police Certificate

4. To claim the cost of finger printing select Foreign Police Certificates as the Expense Type.

5. To claim the cost of a courier select Foreign Police Certificates as the Expense Type

How to submit a claim for Foreign Police Certs

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