Professional Credit Award

This module is designed to explore the psychological and social context of caring for dying people which is commonly termed ‘end-of-life care’. The content of this module is focused towards addressing generic end of life concepts which are meaningful to a range of care settings; ethical debate, communication challenges and bereavement and loss.

The module runs over 10 weeks and there are four units in the module: 
Unit 1   examines the complexity of palliative care in addressing diversity and issues of inclusion. You will consider how palliative care responds to the needs of diverse groups in our society. In particular you will explore the problems raised when describing such groups as ‘marginalised’ and what that means in terms of access to services, treatment and care. The specific foci of this unit will include palliative care for people with mental health problems, with intellectual disability and with dementia.
Unit 2   explores the ethical dilemmas which face practitioners involved in end-of-life care. It looks specifically at the arguments for and against euthanasia, the challenges of clinical decision-making with regard to palliative sedation and artificial nutrition and hydration and the role of advanced directives in end-of-life care planning. 
Unit 3   reflects the importance of communication at end-of-life. In particular it examines the principles of breaking bad news and the communication barriers which present in clinical practice. Strategies for guiding and supporting patients and families through their journey towards death will be explored. 
Unit 4   considers the dimensions of grief and loss which occur throughout final illness and into the bereavement period. Reference will be made to the process of death and the spiritual context of death and dying.

Target Market 
All RGNs, RNID, RMHN working with people at end of life.

Students must be currently working with people at end of life.

For further details contact:

Mari Moran (Mornings: Wednesday - Friday)

School of Nursing & Midwifery 
NUI Galway