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As a member of the National University of Ireland, Galway (NUI Galway) Pension Scheme, you have taken the first steps to provide for your financial future.When you retire, you will expect to maintain the same standard of living, yet you will have more time to spend with your family, to go on exotic holidays and so on.

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Pensions Online‌ is a secure, password-protected website from New Ireland Assurance, where you can view up-todate information on your pension, including payments you’ve made, fund values and choice of funds. It forms part of our ongoing efforts to provide you with the information you need to get the most out of your pension.

Research* shows that we are now living much longer, men to age 78 and women to age 82.3, which means we will need more income in retirement.   (*CSO Statistical yearbook of Ireland 2010).

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