M.A. (Philosophy) in Values and Knowledge: Information on the Fulltime Taught Postgraduate Masters Scholarship Scheme is available here

Funding Opportunities for Structured PhD programmes:

  1. Galway scholarships
  2.  Irish Research Council 

The Postgraduate Community at NUI,Galway is a vibrant one.  Here are some of the seminars and fora in which research is discussed:

Philosophy Seminar Series

The Philosophy Seminar Series meets every Monday during term time.   This seminar provides an opportunity for Graduate Students to present their work in progress in a constructive and non-threatening environment.  For information on the Philosophy Seminar Series contact  Dr. Tsarina Doyle .

Philosophy Teaching Development Group

The Teaching Development Group meets about 4 times a semester and is open to all postgraduate students. Its main purpose is to support students in the development of their teaching skills in philosophy. The group is characterised by its collegial atmosphere and the participation of students at all levels of teaching experience. It provides support to those who are teaching in the department, but also introduces students to a variety of issues that are relevant for teaching philosophy in higher education. For information on the Teaching Development Group contact Heike Schmidt-Felzmann.

Information about our current Research Students and research topics (See below)




Beirne, David


Between Immanence and Transcendence: On the Religious Significance of the Hegelian Middle

Comer, Sean



Couch Joanne

Ph.D. in Art & Culture

An Investigation of Installation Art through the Phenomenological Method

Coventry, Rachel


Poetry and Process: A Heideggerian Perspective

Crowley, Greg


The Two Worlds of Edmund Husserl: World as correlate of Consciousness and World as Lifeworld.

This project seeks to clarify Husserl's conceptions of world as described in his middle and late philosophy, trace the essential linkages between both conceptions and demonstrate that they are not mutually exclusive but, instead, unifiable models of one objective world that is not the creation of a self-referential, solipsistic consciousness.




Elvis, Lucy






Hansen, Chris



Kavanagh, Johanna



McHugh, Steven









O’Rourke, Jonathan


The embodied Self: A Phenomenological approach to the question of selfhood in the later Wittgenstein

O’Toole, Edmund


Psychopathay and the dark side of Humanity




Querini, Gino


Kantian influences on Aby Warburg’s Thought.   The Role of Orientation.

Semba Matthew


On the Value of Knowledge:  From Plato’s ‘Meno’ to the contemporary debate