Programme Team

The educational elements of the Programme are provided by staff from the Institute of Technology Sligo and NUI Galway. Additional lecturing is provided by industry experts from the Medical Technology sector.  Workshops also involve contributions from industry practitioners.


Charles Spillane

Charles Spillane

Established Professor of Plant Science
NUI Galway

Research Interests & Expertise include: Plant Genetics; Plant Biosciences; Plant Biotechnology. Genetics; Epigenetics; Agricultural Biotechnology; Science & Technology Policy (esp re Developing Countries).


 Plant & AgriBiosciences Staff 


Bakarich, Dr. Shannon                   4157 SFI TIDA Postdoctoral Fellow                                    Room 1016, Áras de Brún.

Brychkova, Dr. Galina                    3655 SFI Postdoctoral Fellow                                                 Room 2021, Áras de Brún.

Chatterjee, Dr. Manash                3655 Adjunct Lecturer (Plant Biotechnology)               Room 1015, Áras de Brún.

Deletre, Dr. Marc                             3655 Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow                               Room 1015, Áras de Brún.

Diquelou, Dr.  Youen                      4157 EI Research Assistant                                                        Room 1016, Áras de Brún.

Farrona, Dr. Sara                             2683 Lecturer                                                                                      Room 2008, Áras de Brún.

Fort, Dr. Antoine                              3655 SFI Postdoctoral Fellow                                                    Room 2021, Áras de Brún.

Hunter, Dr. Danny                           3655 Adjunct Lecturer (Agri Biodiversity)                        Room 1015, Áras de Brún.

Inaba, Dr. Masami                           4292 DAFM/VICCI Postdoctoral Fellow                            Room 2019, Áras de Brún.

McHale, Dr. Marcus                       3655 IRC Postdoctoral Fellow                                                  Room 2021, Áras de Brún.

McKeown, Dr. Peter                      3655 PTA Lecturer                                                                           Room 2021, Áras de Brún.

Spillane, Prof. Charles                  4148 Established Professor of Plant Science                   Room 2006, Áras de Brún.

Thomas, Dr. Melanie                     3655 DAFM/VICCI Postdoctoral Fellow                            Room 2021, Áras de Brún.

Swamidatta, Dr. Sandesh           3655 SFI Postdoctoral Fellow                                                    Room 2021, Áras de Brún.

Sulpice, Dr. Ronan                          4292 Lecturer                                                                                       Room 2009 & 2019, Áras de Brún.

Vlek, Prof. Paul                                3655 Adjunct Professor (Tropical Agriculture)                Room 1016, Áras de Brún.


Academic Profiles (IRIS)

Staff Name Type Subject Area Phone
Farrona, Dr Sara
Lecturer (Fixed Term)
Academic Botany -
Spillane, Prof Charles
Academic Botany -
Sulpice, Dr Ronan
Lecturer Bar/College Lecturer
Academic Botany