All applicants must meet the following entrance requirements:

a)     be at least 17 years of age on 15th January following entrance to the university

b)     have sat the following subjects in the leaving certificate

  • Irish (not Foundation level)
  • English
  • Mathematics (not Foundation level)
  • A Laboratory Science subject (Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Physics and Chemistry (joint), Agricultural Science)
  • Another language
  • Another subject

c)     Have attained a Grade C3 in Higher Level papers in any two of the above subjects and a minimum of Grade D3 in Ordinary or Higher Level papers in the other Four subjects in the Leaving Certificate or equivalent qualifications.

An applicant who has an official Department of Education and Science exemption from Irish in the Leaving Certificate must include another subject to make up the six subjects specified above.

The following subject combinations re not allowed:

  • Classical Studies may not be presented with Latin or Greek
  • Music and Musicianship may not be presented with Music
  • Agricultural Economics may not be presented with Economics
  • Only two subjects from History, Economics and Economic History may be presented
  • Physics and Chemistry (joint) may not be presented with Physics or Chemistry
  • Home Economics (general) may not be presented at all

An applicant who is not presenting with the Republic of Ireland Leaving Certificate minimum educational requirements must have obtained equivalent educational qualifications. Determination of equivalence is carried out by the Admissions office.

For further details please contact 

Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL)

In certain cases applicants may have undertaken   prior study in a similar health-related field, for instance BSc Nursing, and they may wish to be considered for accreditation of prior learning. There are a few important points that should be considered first:

Gaining credit for prior learning is not necessarily an easier route than following a normal programme of study.  We require considerable evidence before credit can be awarded. 

However it may be a sensible route for some if it avoids the necessity of repeating material where credit has already been awarded

  1. It is important to be aware that gaining credit will not result in a shortened or “fast track” route to the BSc Podiatry qualification as compulsory clinical modules are integrated into the four years of the course
  2. A claim for accreditation of prior learning cannot be processed until the student has registered onto the course, therefore students who enrol into the BSc Podiatry course must be willing to complete the entire programme of studies if their claim for APL is declined.

For further information please contact:

Podiatry: 091 495814 

Mature Students Officer 091 492695