How many hours a week do we have of clinical practice?

In general students spend between six to twelve hours a week on clinical practice depending on the time of year and the year group they are in. Students are also expected to attend additional external placements on occasion which are generally supplementary to their scheduled week.

What happens if I miss a session of clinical practice?

Attendance at clinical practice sessions is mandatory and so any session that is missed must be made up at a later date. Failure to comply with this may stop your progression into the next year of the course but generally once tutors are notified of any genuine reason for absence additional opportunities to make up clinical hours are arranged.

How soon do we treat patients?

In general students are introduced to their first patients in January of first year.  Semester one is dedicated to establishing a fundamental understanding of skills pertinent to podiatric practice as well as health and safety precautions. Once students have demonstrated an ability to comply with these they are deemed eligible to treat patients under supervision and as time progresses patient frequency and complexity increases.

Do we have to get a special clinical uniform?

Clinical uniforms can be obtained through the university and are normally distributed within the first few months. Students must present themselves suitably during clinical sessions at all times and wear appropriate footwear.