What our Graduates say....


Donna Rackard - Podiatrist with Diabetes Ireland

Graduating in May 2012 I was one of the first podiatry graduates to qualify in the Republic of Ireland. Not long after graduation I was offered a position as a high risk podiatrist for Diabetes Ireland working in the community of Cork city. Despite being initially daunted by working with high risk patients straight out of college it turned out the BSc Podiatry course really prepared me for the working world gaining hands-on clinical experience from basic treatments in first year to more complex high risk patients in third and fourth year.

At the moment my main responsibilities are treating patients who are at the highest risk of developing foot complications. My work varies on a daily basis from routine care, wound care to footwear and orthotics. Foot education is also imperative in my role, constantly educating patients and family members about conditions that affect the limb as well as preventative measures. I also participate regularly in diabetes training days training and assessing other health care professionals on the diabetic foot, assuring they can screen the foot and know when to refer to a podiatrist.

I am privileged to work for Diabetes Ireland which currently employs nine podiatrists at various locations around Ireland. These podiatrists are highly skilled and are specialised in the field of wound care. When I commenced my work out of university, I was able to work closely with senior staff to advance my skills in this area. We meet on a regular basis to discuss case loads and new research in the field of wound care. We all appreciate these interactions as a unique opportunity to continue our professional development and advance our skills as podiatrists. We also get the opportunity to attend numerous conferences and other continued professional development programmes throughout the year.

Podiatry is such a rewarding career when you see the satisfaction patients get from your treatment. From a personal point of view, it is particularly rewarding when I know that the work I do has prevented a life changing amputation for the patient. The advancement podiatry has made in Ireland since I graduated is tremendous and it is only going to progress further.



Molly Smith – HSE Podiatrist

After graduating with a BSc in Podiatry from NUI Galway in 2013, Molly obtained the role of Podiatrist in the Diabetes Day Centre in the Adelaide, Meath and National Children’s’ Hospital (AMNCH) in Dublin.  She worked in this role part time and set up private practices in Blackrock, Dublin and Wexford Town.  She presented her thesis research orally in Rome in October 2013 at the World Congress of Podiatry Conference.


In June 2014 Molly acquired the post of Podiatrist in the Diabetes Service in Wexford General Hospital.  This is a new role and she is enjoying the many rewards and challenges of establishing a new Diabetes Podiatry Service for Wexford.  She is hoping to start another research project soon and continues to see patients in her private practice in Wexford Town. 


 Michael Curran photo

Michael Curran - Teaching Assistant and Clinical Supervisor NUI Galway

After graduating from the BSc (Hons) in Podiatry offered at NUI Galway I went straight into full time employment in the private sector (July 2013). I worked in two busy private practices in Co. Kerry where I was entrusted with a large amount of responsibility thanks to the knowledge and practical experience I gained during my four years in NUI Galway.

As recently as August 2014 I joined the team at NUI Galway and Merlin Park Podiatry Clinic (MPPC). I have always been interested in pursuing a career in education and fortunately have been presented with an exciting opportunity as a young professional. My week generally consists of teaching, clinical supervision; practical sessions with students as well as working with the multi-disciplinary Complex Foot Team in MPPC and my own diverse clinic one day a week.

Overall I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience and feel enthusiastic moving forward. I aim to commence my MPhil in the near future and incorporate my research around my responsibilities in the University.



Joe Egan – Independent private practitioner

Since Graduating from NUI Galway in 2013 with a BSc Hons Degree in Podiatry I went on to work in Private practice in Co. Dublin. Whilst working in this practice, I had the opportunity to see a great deal of podiatric complications from paediatrics right thought to the elderly. I worked in clinics based in Dublin and Kildare which also gave me the flexibility to travel while working.

After some time, I opened a private practice of my own with a clinic based in Athlone, Co.Westmeath and another in Blackrock, Co. Dublin. Since then I have become self-employed which has led me in a new, exciting direction. I have found that my degree from NUI Galway has prepared me greatly in terms of experience, how to interact with my patients as well as providing me with an insight into business management during our fourth year. Moving forward I hope to take the knowledge I gained from NUI Galway and continue to implement it into my practice.