Undergraduate Course Outline

Our Undergraduate Course

Our mission statement is:  "To develop caring, patient-centric, highly skilled honours graduates who are knowledgeable, innovative, autonomous and competent practitioners who apply a scientific and evidence-based approach to podiatric medicine.” 

Programme Aims & Objectives

The B.Sc. (Hons.) Podiatric Medicine programme aims to:

  • Provide a comprehensive, excellent, academic and clinical teaching programme with integration of theory into the clinical practice setting.
  • To equip students with the necessary knowledge and clinical skills to meet national and international standards
  • Provide a range of clinical placement opportunities within the public and private sectors; offering over 1000 hours of high quality clinical placements.
  • Provide a student-centred supportive environment in which the students’ knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes are developed.
  • Prepare students to anticipate, adapt, influence and respond to future changes in service delivery and encourage them to become future educators and leaders of the profession
  • Produce graduates who are reflective practitioners and have a strong ethos for continuous professional development and a firm commitment to life long learning.

The B.Sc. (Hons.) Podiatric Medicine programme is designed to educate and train those who wish to pursue a professional career in podiatry, as a health care professional, who specialises in the management of disease and disorder of the lower limb and foot. The Discipline is committed to providing a comprehensive education for podiatrists and the curriculum is based on best available evidence in relation to both theory and practice. 

The programme is outlined below:

Year 1

 Podiatric Medicine 1

Podiatric Dermatology

Professional Development

Redefining Health & Wellbeing

Lower Limb Kinematics

Human Body Structure

Human Body Function

Gross Anatomy of the Lower Limb

 Year 2

 Podiatric Medicine 2

Lower Extremity Wounds

Functional Anatomy & Biomechanics



Applied Pathophysiology

Evidence-based Practice

Introduction to Pharmacology

 Year 3

 Podiatric Medicine 3

Medicine & Surgery

Pharmacology in Health & Disease

Research Methods & Design


Health Promotion


Podiatric  Sports Medicine

 Year 4

 Podiatric Medicine 4

Research Dissertation

Skills for Practice

Working with Vulnerable Adults

Contemporary Practice

The High Risk Limb

A Student Perspective of the BSc in Podiatry at NUI Galway:

My name is Jack Tobin and I am a second year Podiatry student in NUI Galway. I chose Podiatry because I have always been interested in pursuing a medical profession and felt that the course would suit me and my personality. 
Podiatry is a wide and varied course which encompasses an awful lot more than I originally imagined. The course is focused on making sure that the student develops into confident and competent clinicians and the close-knit teaching staffs in both NUI Galway and Merlin Park Podiatry Clinic (MPPC) are always on hand to answer any questions or queries we may have. 
The course is varied between academic learning and clinical placement which gives us an opportunity to put what we’ve learned into practice. For me, the best part of the course is being able to make a real difference to the patients and to see them leaving the clinic more comfortable and hopefully with an improved quality of life. 
Overall, Podiatry is an extremely fulfilling course which allows you to further your learning at every opportunity and I am thoroughly enjoying my experience.