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ABA - MSc (Applied Behaviour Analysis) Psychology
ACC - MSc (Agricultural Climate Change & Transitions) Agriculture
AD - Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) Management
AH - MA (Mathematics [one year]) Mathematics
AH - Postgraduate Diploma in Arts (Mathematics) Mathematics
AIT - Structured MSc Astronomical Instrumentation and Technology Experimental Physics
AJ - MA (Journalism) Journalism
AL - MSc (Mathematics) Mathematics
ANP - Master of Science in Nursing (Advanced Practice Nursing) Nursing & Midwifery
AP - MAppSc (Occupational Safety Engineering and Ergonomics) Industrial Engineering
APE - Master of Applied Science (Enterprise Systems) Business & Commerce
APE - Master of Applied Science (Enterprise Systems) Information Systems
APE - Master of Applied Science (Enterprise Systems) Information Technology
APE - Master of Applied Science (Enterprise Systems) Management
APE - Master of Applied Science (Enterprise Systems) Mechanical Engineering
APR - MAppSc (Electronic Engineering) Electronic Engineering
APR - MAppSc (Industrial Engineering) Industrial Engineering
APR - MAppSc (INSIGHT) Insight
APR - MAppSc (Mechanical & Biomedical Engineering) Biomedical Engineering
APR - MAppSc (Mechanical & Biomedical Engineering) Mechanical Engineering
APR - MAppSc(Civil Engineering) Civil Engineering
AY - Master of Accounting Accountancy & Finance
BL - Bachelor of Law (LLB) Law
BMG - MSc (Biomedical Genomics) Biomedical Science
BMG - MSc (Biomedical Genomics) Biotechnology
BMG - MSc (Biomedical Genomics) Medicine
BMG - MSc (Biomedical Genomics) Natural Sciences
CAP - MA (Creative Arts, Producing & Curation) Drama & Theatre
CC - MA (Culture & Colonialism) English
CC - MA (Culture & Colonialism) History
CC - MA (Culture & Colonialism) Political Science & Sociology
CH - MCh (Surgery) Surgery
CHS - Postgraduate Certificate (Medical and Healthcare Simulation) Medicine
CIT - MSc (Cheminformatics and Toxicology) Medicine
CIT - MSc (Cheminformatics and Toxicology) Pharmacology
CMT - MSc (Cellular Manufacturing & Therapy) Medicine
CNP - Postgraduate Certificate in Nursing (Nurse/Midwife Prescribing) Nursing & Miwifery
CNS - MSc (Clinical Neuroscience) Psychology
CSD - MSc Computer Science (Data Analytics) Information Technology
CSG - MSc (Computational Genomics) Information Technology
CSG - MSc (Computational Genomics) Mathematics
CSG - MSc (Computational Genomics) Medicine
CSG - MSc (Computational Genomics) Natural Sciences
DB - HDip (Business Studies) Business & Commerce
DCS - Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Science (Data Analytics) Information Technology
DG - MA (Drama & Theatre Studies) Drama & Theatre
DG - MA (Drama & Theatre Studies) English
DG - PGDip (Drama & Theatre Studies) Drama & Theatre
DSE - Higher Diploma in Software Engineering [by online learning] Engineering
DY - Doctor of Psychological Science (Clinical Psychology) Psychology
EK - HDip (Economic Science) Economics
EPT - MSc (Exercise Physiology and its Application in Therapy) Medicine
ES - MEngSc (Civil Engineering) Civil Engineering
ES - MEngSc (Electronic Engineering) Electronic Engineering
ES - MEngSc (Industrial Engineering) Industrial Engineering
ES - MEngSc (INSIGHT) Insight
ES - MEngSc (Mechanical & Biomedical Engineering) Biomedical Engineering
ES - MEngSc (Mechanical & Biomedical Engineering) Mechanical Engineering
EVL - MSc (Environmental Leadership) Environmental Science
EVL - MSc (Environmental Leadership) Natural Sciences
FPD - MA (Film Production and Direction) Film & Digital Media
FPD - Postgraduate Diploma (Film Production and Direction) Film & Digital Media
FS - MA (Family Support Studies) Political Science & Sociology
FS - Postgraduate Diploma in Arts (Family Support Studies) Political Science & Sociology
FU - MA in Film Studies: Theory & Practice Film & Digital Media
FU - Postgraduate Diploma in Film Studies: Theory & Practice Film & Digital Media
GG - MA (Gender, Globalisation and Rights) Law
GG - MA (Gender, Globalisation and Rights) Political Science & Sociology
GG - MA (Gender, Globalisation and Rights) Women's Studies
HA - HDipAppSc (Mathematics) Mathematics
HDA - HDip (Archaeology) Archaeology
HDP - HDip (Psychology) Psychology
HDS - HDipAppSci (Applied Mathematics) Mathematics
HM - Postgraduate Diploma in Arts (Health Promotion) Health Promotion
HP - MA (Health Promotion) Health Promotion
HSP - Masters in Medical and Healthcare Simulation Medicine
HSP - Postgraduate Diploma (Medical and Healthcare Simulation) Medicine
HV - Master of Health Sciences (Nursing Education) Nursing & Midwifery
HY - HDip (Psychology [Conversion]) Psychology
ICM - Masters in Interventional Cardiovascular Medicine Medicine
ICM - Postgraduate Certificate in Interventional Cardiovascular Medicine Medicine
ICM - Postgraduate Diploma in Interventional Cardiovascular Medicine Medicine
KET - Structured Masters (Research) Key Enabling Technologies Experimental Physics
LA - MA (Landscape Archaeology) Archaeology
LT - MLitt (Drama Theatre and Performance) Drama & Theatre
LT - MLitt (Archaeology) Archaeology
LT - MLitt (CELT) Centre for Education & Learning Technologies
LT - MLitt (Classics) Classics
LT - MLitt (Economics) Economics
LT - MLitt (Education) Education
LT - MLitt (English) English
LT - MLitt (French) French
LT - MLitt (Geography) Geography
LT - MLitt (German) German
LT - MLitt (Health Promotion) Health Promotion
LT - MLitt (History) History
LT - MLitt (Irish Studies) Irish Studies
LT - MLitt (Italian) Italian
LT - MLitt (Léann Ceilteach) Gaeilge
LT - MLitt (Mathematics) Mathematics
LT - MLitt (Nua-Ghaeilge) Gaeilge
LT - MLitt (Old & Middle Irish) Gaeilge
LT - MLitt (Philosophy) Philosophy
LT - MLitt (Political Science) Political Science
LT - MLitt (Psychology) Psychology
LT - MLitt (Sean- agus Meán-Ghaeilge) Gaeilge
LT - MLitt (Spanish) Spanish
LT - MLitt (Women's Studies) Women's Studies
MAC - MA (Ateangaireacht Chomhdhála) / (Conference Interpreting) Gaeilge
MAC - MA (Ateangaireacht Chomhdhála) / (Conference Interpreting) Languages
MAC - MA (Ateangaireacht Chomhdhála) / (Conference Interpreting) Translation and Interpreting
MAC - Postgraduate Diploma (Ateangaireacht Chomhdhála) / (Conference Interpreting) Translation and Interpreting
MAC - Postgraduate Diploma (Ateangaireacht Chomhdhála) / (Conference Interpreting) Languages
MAC - Postgraduate Diploma (Ateangaireacht Chomhdhála) / (Conference Interpreting) Gaeilge
MAD - MA (Digital Cultures) English
MAF - MA (French) French
MAF - MA (French) Languages
MAG - MA (German Language/Literature) German
MAG - MA (German Language/Literature) Languages
MAH - MA (History) History
MAH - Postgraduate Diploma (History) History
MBH - MSc in Business and Hospitality Hotel/Hospitality Management
MBH - MSc in Business and Hospitality Management
MBI - MSc in Bioinnovation Engineering
MBL - MSc (Biodiversity & Land-use Planning) via blended learning Environmental Science
MBL - MSc (Biodiversity & Land-use Planning) via blended learning Natural Sciences
MBM - MSc (Biomedical Engineering) Biomedical Engineering
MBS - Structured Masters in AgriBiosciences Agriculture
MBU - MSc (Biodiversity and Land Use Planning) [Modular] Environmental Science
MBU - MSc (Biodiversity and Land Use Planning) [Modular] Natural Sciences
MBY - MSc (Business Analytics) Accountancy & Finance
MBY - MSc (Business Analytics) Information Systems
MC - MComm Business & Commerce
MCA - MSc (Climate Change Agriculture and Food Security) Agriculture
MCB - Structured Masters (Chemistry) Chemistry
MCC - MSc (Cloud Computing Research) Information Systems
MCE - Master in Health Sciences (Emergency Care) TOP UP Nursing & Midwifery
MCE - Masters in Health Sciences (Emergency Care) Nursing & Midwifery
MCH - Masters in Surgery (MCh) Medicine
MCH - Masters in Surgery (MCh) Surgery
MCM - MSc (Coastal & Marine Environments: Physical Processes  Policy & Practice) Environmental Science
MCM - MSc (Coastal & Marine Environments: Physical Processes Policy & Practice) Geography
MCN - Structured Masters (Cancer Research) Natural Sciences
MCR - MSc (Clinical Research) Medicine
MCS - MSc (Computer Science & Information Technology) Information Technology
MCT - Master of Health Sciences (Clinical Education) Medicine
MCT - Postgraduate Certificate in Health Sciences (Clinical Education) Health Sciences
MCT - Postgraduate Certificate in Health Sciences (Clinical Education) Medicine
MCT - Postgraduate Diploma in Health Sciences (Clinical Education) General Practice
MCT - Postgraduate Diploma in Health Sciences (Clinical Education) Medicine
MCU - MA (Cumarsáid) Gaeilge
MCU - Postgraduate Diploma (Cumarsáid) Gaeilge
MCV - MA (Classics) Classics
MD - MD (Anaesthesia) Anaesthesia
MD - MD (Bacteriology) Bacteriology
MD - MD (General Practice) General Practice
MD - MD (Health Promotion) Health Promotion
MD - MD (Medicine) Medicine
MD - MD (Obstetrics and Gynaecology) Obstetrics & Gynaecology
MD - MD (Paediatrics) Paediatrics
MD - MD (Pathology) Pathology
MD - MD (Pharmacology & Therapeutics) Pharmacology
MD - MD (Psychiatry) Psychiatry
MD - MD (Radiology) Radiology
MD - MD (Surgery) Surgery
MDC - Master/Postgraduate Diploma in Health Sciences (Children?s Palliative Care/Complex Care) Nursing & Midwifery
MDG - MSc (Digital Marketing) Marketing
MDH - Master in Health Sciences (Public Health Nursing) TOP UP Nursing & Midwifery
MDI - Master in Health Sciences (Intensive Care) TOP UP Nursing & Midwifery
MDI - Master/Postgraduate Diploma in Health Sciences (Intensive Care) Nursing & Midwifery
MDL - Master in Health Sciences (Pallative Care) TOP UP Nursing & Midwifery
MDL - Master/Postgraduate Diploma in Health Sciences (Palliative Care) Nursing & Midwifery
MDM - MA (Digital Media) Film & Digital Media
MDM - Postgraduate Diploma (Digital Media) Film & Digital Media
MDO - Master in Health Sciences (Oncology) TOP UP Nursing & Midwifery
MDP - Master in Health Sciences (Perioperative) TOP UP Nursing & Midwifery
MDP - Master/Postgraduate Diploma in Health Sciences (Perioperative) Nursing & Midwifery
MDU - Master in Health Sciences (Acute Medicine) TOP UP Medicine
MDU - Master in Health Sciences (Acute Medicine) TOP UP Nursing & Midwifery
MDU - Master/Postgraduate Diploma in Health Sciences (Acute Medicine) Medicine
MDU - Master/Postgraduate Diploma in Health Sciences (Acute Medicine) Nursing & Midwifery
MDW - Master in Health Sciences (Wound Healing and Tissue Repair) TOP UP Nursing & Midwifery
MDW - Master/Postgraduate Diploma in Health Sciences (Wound Healing and Tissue Repair) Nursing & Midwifery
MEB - ME (Biomedical Engineering) Biomedical Engineering
MEC - ME (Civil Engineering) Civil Engineering
MECE - ME (Electronic and Computer Engineering) Electronic Engineering
MEEE - ME (Electrical and Electronic Engineering) Electronic Engineering
MEES - ME (Energy Systems Engineering) Civil Engineering
MEES - ME (Energy Systems Engineering) Electronic Engineering
MEES - ME (Energy Systems Engineering) Energy Systems Engineering
MEES - ME (Energy Systems Engineering) Mechanical Engineering
MEME - ME (Mechanical Engineering) Engineering
MEN - MA (English ) English
MES - MA in Environment Society & Development Environmental Science
MES - MA in Environment Society & Development Geography
MF - MSc (Software Design and Development) Information Technology
MF - MSc (Software Design and Development--External stream) Information Technology
MFT - MA (Film & Theatre) Drama & Theatre
MFT - MA (Film & Theatre) Film & Digital Media
MGE - Master in Health Sciences (Gerontology) TOP UP Nursing & Midwifery
MGE - Masters (with PDip exit option) in Health Sciences (Gerontology) Nursing & Midwifery
MGEE - M. Sc.(Global Environmental Economics) Economics
MGM - MA (Cleachtas Gairmiúil sna Meáin) Gaeilge
MGM - Postgraduate Diploma (Cleachtas Gairmiúil sna Meáin) Gaeilge
MHE - MSc in Health Economics Economics
MHP - MSc (Health Psychology) Psychology
MHR - MSc (Human Resource Management) Management
MIA - MSc in International Accounting and Analytics (Pathway A) Accountancy & Finance
MIA - MSc in International Accounting and Analytics (Pathway B) Accountancy & Finance
MIC - MA (International Contemporary Literatures and Media) English
MIC - MA (International Contemporary Literatures and Media) Languages
MIE - MSc (International Marketing and Exporting) Marketing
MIF - MEconSc (International Finance) Accountancy & Finance
MIF - MEconSc (International Finance) Economics
MIG - MSc (Microscopy and Imaging) Medicine
MIM - MSC (International Management) Management
MIP - MSc (Strategy  Innovation and People Management) Management
MIS - MSc (Information Systems Management) Information Systems
MIT - MA (Irish Theatre History & Archives) Drama & Theatre
MIT - MA (Irish Theatre History & Archives) English
MIT - PG Dip (Irish Theatre History & Archives) Drama & Theatre
ML - LLM (International Migration and Refugee Law) Law
ML - LLM (International & Comparative Business Law) Law
ML - LLM (International and Comparative Disability Law and Policy) Law
ML - LLM (International Criminal Law) Human Rights
ML - LLM (International Human Rights) Human Rights
ML - LLM (International Human Rights) Law
ML - LLM (Masters of Law (General)) Law
ML - LLM (Peace Operations  Humanitarian Law and Conflict) Human Rights
ML - LLM (Peace Operations  Humanitarian Law and Conflict) Law
ML - LLM (Public Law and Administration) Law
ML - LLM (Public Law and Administration) Public Law
ML - LLM (Public Law and Criminal Justice) Law
ML - LLM (Public Law and Criminal Justice) Public Law
ML - LLM (Public Law and Social Justice) Law
ML - LLM (Public Law and Social Justice) Public Law
ML - LLM (Public Law) Law
ML - LLM (Public Law) Public Law
MLH - MA (Irish Studies Literature & History) Irish Studies
MLM - MA (Irish Studies ? Literature & Music) Irish Studies
MLN - MSc (Childhood Speech Language & Communications Needs) Children's Studies
MLN - MSc (Childhood Speech Language & Communications Needs) Health Sciences
MLP - MA (Literature & Publishing) English
MLR - LLM (Law) Law
MLR - LLM (Law) Public Law
MLS - MA (Advanced Language Skills [French or German or Italian or Spanish]) French
MLS - MA (Advanced Language Skills [French or German or Italian or Spanish]) German
MLS - MA (Advanced Language Skills [French or German or Italian or Spanish]) Italian
MLS - MA (Advanced Language Skills [French or German or Italian or Spanish]) Languages
MLS - MA (Advanced Language Skills [French or German or Italian or Spanish]) Spanish
MLT - MA (Léann Teanga) Gaeilge
MLT - MA (Léann Teanga) Languages
MLT - Postgraduate Diploma (Léann Teanga) Gaeilge
MMC - Master in Health Sciences (Mental Health  Community & Inpatient Care) TOP UP Nursing & Midwifery
MMH - Masters in Medical Science Medicine
MMK - MSc (Marketing Practice) Marketing
MNG - MA (Nua-Ghaeilge [Modern Irish]) Gaeilge
MNR - MA/MEconSc (Natural Resource Economics and Policy) formerly (Economic and Environmental Modelling) Economics
MOH - MSc (Occupational Health & Safety)--TOP UP Occupational/Environmental Health & Safety
MPA - MA (Public Advocacy and Activism) Advocacy & Activism
MPA - MA (Public Advocacy and Activism) Human Rights
MPA - Postgraduate Diploma (Public Advocacy and Activism) Advocacy & Activism
MPA - Postgraduate Diploma (Public Advocacy and Activism) Human Rights
MPH - MPhil (Health Sciences - Social Care) Health Sciences
MPH - MPhil (Health Sciences) Medicine
MPH - MPhil (Health Sciences--Health Promotion) Health Sciences
MPH - MPhil (Health Sciences--Occupational Therapy) Health Sciences
MPH - MPhil (Health Sciences--Speech and Language Therapy) Health Sciences
MPH - MPhil (Heath Sciences - Podiatric Medicine) Podiatry
MPL - MPhil (Commerce) Business & Commerce
MPM - MPhil (Midwifery) Nursing & Midwifery
MPN - MPhil (Nursing) Nursing & Midwifery
MPO - MSc (Podiatric Medicine) Medicine
MPO - MSc (Podiatric Medicine) Podiatry
MPS - MSc Sales & Marketing Marketing
MPW - MA (Playwriting & Dramaturgy) Drama & Theatre
MPW - MA (Playwriting & Dramaturgy) English
MPW - PGDip (Playwriting & Dramaturgy) Drama & Theatre
MPY - MSc (Preventive Cardiology) Medicine
MPY - Postgraduate Diploma (Preventive Cardiology) Medicine
MRM - MSc (Marketing) by Research Marketing
MRY - MSc (Multidisciplinary Radiology) Medicine
MRY - MSc (Multidisciplinary Radiology) Radiology
MRY - Postgraduate Diploma (Multidisciplinary Radiology) Medicine
MRY - Postgraduate Diploma (Multidisciplinary Radiology) Radiology
MS - M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics Mathematics
MS - M.Sc. in Biostatistics Mathematics
MS - MSc (Anatomy) Anatomy
MS - MSc (Bacteriology) Bacteriology
MS - MSc (Biochemistry) Biochemistry
MS - MSc (Botany) Botany
MS - MSc (Chemistry) Chemistry
MS - MSc (DERI) Zoology
MS - MSc (Earth & Ocean Sciences) Earth & Ocean Sciences
MS - MSc (Environmental Science) Microbiology
MS - MSc (Experimental Physics) Experimental Physics
MS - MSc (Mathematics) Mathematics
MS - MSc (Microbiology) Microbiology
MS - MSc (NCBES) Zoology
MS - MSc (Occupational Health & Hygiene) Experimental Physics
MS - MSc (Pharmacology) Pharmacology
MS - MSc (Physiology) Physiology
MS - MSc (Radiology by research) Radiology
MS - MSc (REMEDI) Regenerative Medicine
MS - MSc (Ryan Institute) Marine Research Institute
MS - MSc (Zoology) Zoology
MS - MSc in Bioinformatics Mathematics
MS - MSc in Statistics Mathematics
MSD - M. Sc. (REMEDI) Regenerative Medicine
MSD - M. Sc. (Medicine) Medicine
MSD - M. Sc. (Paediatrics) Paediatrics
MSD - M.Sc. Anaesthesia
MSD - M.Sc. (Radiology) Radiology
MSD - M.Sc. (Anaethesia) Anaesthesia
MSD - M.Sc. (Bacteriology) Bacteriology
MSD - M.Sc. (General Practice) General Practice
MSD - M.Sc. (Obstetrics & Gynaecology) Obstetrics & Gynaecology
MSD - M.Sc. (Pathology) Pathology
MSD - M.Sc. (Psychiatry) Psychiatry
MSD - M.Sc. (Surgery) Surgery
MSD - Master of Science (By Research) Medicine
MSJ - MA (Sports Journalism & Communication) Journalism
MSL - MA (Spanish) Languages
MSL - MA (Spanish) Spanish
MSME - MSc (Mechanical Engineering) Mechanical Engineering
MSR - MSc (Regenerative Medicine) Medicine
MSR - MSc (Regenerative Medicine) REMEDI
MST - MSc (Toxicology) Pharmacology
MSV - Masters in Medical Science (Endovascular Surgery) Medicine
MSV - Postgraduate Diploma in Medical Science (Endovascular Surgery) Medicine
MT - MSc (Biotechnology) Biotechnology
MTD - Higher Diploma (Medical Technology Regulatory Affairs and Quality) Natural Sciences
MTF - M.Sc. (Teicneolaíocht Faisnéise) Information Technology
MTH - MSc Advanced Healthcare Practice and Research Health Sciences
MTN - MSc (TechInnovation) Electronic Engineering
MTP - MA (Theatre Practice and Production) Drama & Theatre
MTP - MA (Theatre Practice and Production) English
MTP - PGDip (Theatre Practice and Production) Drama & Theatre
MTQ - Certificate in Medical Technologies Regulatory Affairs and Quality Natural Sciences
MTR - MSc (Medical Technology Regulatory Affairs) Medicine
MV - MSc (Biomedical Science) Biomedical Science
MVK - MA Philosophy (Values and Knowledge) Philosophy
MVS - MA (Medieval Studies) Classics
MVS - MA (Medieval Studies) History
NP - MSc (Neuropharmacology) Neuropharmacology
NP - MSc (Neuropharmacology) Pharmacology
OEH - MSc (Occupational and Environmental Health & Safety) Occupational/Environmental Health & Safety
OES - HDipAppSc (Occupational and Environmental Health & Safety) Occupational/Environmental Health & Safety
OMI - MA (Old and Middle Irish) Gaeilge
ORM - Postgraduate Diploma (Orthopaedic and Rheumatological Medicine) General Practice
ORM - Postgraduate Diploma (Orthopaedic and Rheumatological Medicine) Medicine
PA - PhD (Archaeology) Archaeology
PA - PhD (CELT) Centre for Education & Learning Technologies
PA - PhD (Classics) Classics
PA - PhD (Economics) Economics
PA - PhD (Education) Education
PA - PhD (English) English
PA - PhD (Film & Digital Media) Film & Digital Media
PA - PhD (French) French
PA - PhD (French) Languages
PA - PhD (Léann Ceilteach) Gaeilge
PA - PhD (Léann Ceilteach) Languages
PA - PhD (Mathematics) Mathematics
PC - PhD (Commerce) Business & Commerce
PCY - Structured PhD (Child and Youth Research) Children's Studies
PCY - Structured PhD (Child and Youth Research) Political Science & Sociology
PDB - Postgraduate Diploma in Bioinnovation Engineering
PE - PhD (Civil Engineering) Civil Engineering
PE - PhD (Electronic Engineering) Electronic Engineering
PE - PhD (Industrial Engineering) Industrial Engineering
PE - PhD (Information Technology) Information Technology
PE - PhD (INSIGHT) Insight
PE - PhD (Mechanical & Biomedical Engineering) Biomedical Engineering
PE - PhD (Mechanical & Biomedical Engineering) Mechanical Engineering
PFT - PhD (Film Television and Media) Film & Digital Media
PGM - Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Microbiology Microbiology
PGT - PDip (Social Work Practice Teaching  Supervision and Managment) Political Science & Sociology
PGT - PDip (Social Work Practice Teaching Supervision and Managment) Social Work
PL - PhD (Disability Law and Policy) Law
PL - PhD (Human Rights) Human Rights
PL - PhD (Human Rights) Law
PL - PhD (Law) Law
PL - PhD (Law) Public Law
PM - PhD (Anaesthesia) Anaesthesia
PM - PhD (Anatomy) Anatomy
PM - PhD (Bacteriology) Bacteriology
PM - PhD (Biomedical Engineering Science) National Centre for Biomedical Engineering Science
PM - PhD (General Practice) General Practice
PM - PhD (Health Promotion) Health Promotion
PM - PhD (Health Sciences) Health Promotion
PM - PhD (Health Sciences--Podiatric Medicine) Podiatry
PM - PhD (Language Science) Speech & Language Therapy
PM - PhD (Medicine) Medicine
PM - PhD (Midwifery) Nursing & Midwifery
PM - PhD (Nursing) Nursing & Midwifery
PM - PhD (Obstetrics and Gynaecology) Obstetrics & Gynaecology
PM - PhD (Occupational Therapy) Occupational Therapy
PM - PhD (Paediatrics) Paediatrics
PM - PhD (Pathology) Pathology
PM - PhD (Pharmacology) Pharmacology
PM - PhD (Physiology) Physiology
PM - PhD (Psychiatry) Psychiatry
PM - PhD (Radiology) Radiology
PM - PhD (Regenerative Medicine Institute [REMEDI]) Regenerative Medicine
PM - PhD (Surgery) Surgery
PMA - Postgraduate Diploma in Nursing (Advanced Practice with Prescribing) Nursing & Midwifery
PNE - Postgraduate Diploma in Nursing (Education) Nursing & Midwifery
Programme Interest Types
PS - Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics Mathematics
PS - PhD (Anatomy) Anatomy
PS - PhD (Biochemistry) Biochemistry
PS - PhD (Botany) Botany
PS - PhD (Chemistry) Chemistry
PS - PhD (DERI) Zoology
PS - PhD (Earth & Ocean Sciences) Earth & Ocean Sciences
PS - PhD (Environmental Science) Microbiology
PS - PhD (Experimental Physics) Physics
PS - PhD (Mathematics) Mathematics
PS - PhD (Microbiology) Microbiology
PS - PhD (NCBES) Zoology
PS - PhD (Occupational Health & Hygiene) Physics
PS - PhD (Pharmacology) Pharmacology
PS - PhD (Physiology) Physiology
PS - PhD (REMEDI) Regenerative Medicine
PS - PhD (Ryan Institute) Marine Research Institute
PS - PhD (Zoology) Zoology
PS - PhD in Bioinformatics Mathematics
PS - PhD in Statistics Mathematics
PSO - MA (Politics & Sociology) Political Science & Sociology
PTC - Structured PhD (Texts, Contexts and Cultures) Languages
PY - MSc (Medical Physics) Physics
SD - Higher Diploma in Applied Science (Software Design and Development) Information Technology
SED - MSc (Software Engineering and Database Technologies [by online learning]) Information Technology
SK - MA (Social Work) Political Science & Sociology
SK - MA (Social Work) Social Work
SLS - Structured PhD (Learning Sciences) Education
SMD - Structured MD (Anaethetics) Anaesthesia
SMD - Structured MD (Anatomy) Anatomy
SMD - Structured MD (Bacteriology) Bacteriology
SMD - Structured MD (General Practice) General Practice
SMD - Structured MD (Medicine) Medicine
SMD - Structured MD (Obstetrics & Gynaecology) Obstetrics & Gynaecology
SMD - Structured MD (Paediatrics) Paediatrics
SMD - Structured MD (Pathology) Pathology
SMD - Structured MD (Pharmacology & Therapeutics) Pharmacology
SMD - Structured MD (Physiology) Physiology
SMD - Structured MD (Psychiatry) Psychiatry
SMD - Structured MD (Radiology) Radiology
SMD - Structured MD (REMEDI) Regenerative Medicine
SMD - Structured MD (Surgery) Surgery
SMD - Structured PhD (Obstetrics & Gynaecology) Obstetrics & Gynaecology
SPA - Structured PhD (Arts, Humanities  and Social Sciences) (History) History
SPA - Structured PhD (Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences) (Archaeology) Archaeology
SPA - Structured PhD (Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences) (Classics) Classics
SPA - Structured PhD (Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences) (Children’s Studies) Children's Studies
SPA - Structured PhD (Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences) (English) English
SPA - Structured PhD (Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences) (Irish Language Studies) Gaeilge
SPA - Structured PhD (Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences) (Irish Language Studies) Languages
SPA - Structured PhD (Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences) (Irish Studies) Irish Studies
SPA - Structured PhD (Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences) (Old and Middle Irish) Gaeilge
SPA - Structured PhD (Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences) (Old and Middle Irish) Languages
SPA - Structured PhD (Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences) (Film & Digital Media) Film & Digital Media
SPA - Structured PhD (Health Psychology Practice) Psychology
SPA - Structured PhD (Medieval Studies) Classics
SPA - Structured PhD (Medieval Studies) History
SPC - Structured PhD (Business  Public Policy & Law) Business & Commerce
SPC - Structured PhD (Business Public Policy & Law) Law
SPD - Structured PhD (Anaesthesia) Medicine
SPD - Structured PhD (Anatomy) Anatomy
SPD - Structured PhD (Bacteriology) Bacteriology
SPD - Structured PhD (General Practice) General Practice
SPD - Structured PhD (Medicine) Medicine
SPD - Structured PhD (Obstetrics and Gynaecology) Obstetrics & Gynaecology
SPD - Structured PhD (Paediatrics) Paediatrics
SPD - Structured PhD (Pathology) Pathology
SPD - Structured PhD (Pharmacology and Therapeutics) Pharmacology
SPD - Structured PhD (Physiology) Physiology
SPD - Structured PhD (Population Health and Health Services) Medicine
SPD - Structured PhD (Primary Care) General Practice
SPD - Structured PhD (Psychiatry) Psychiatry
SPD - Structured PhD (Radiology) Radiology
SPD - Structured PhD (REMEDI)?Regenerative Medicine Institute Regenerative Medicine
SPD - Structured PhD (Surgery) Surgery
SPE - Structured PhD (Engineering and Informatics) (Civil Engineering) Civil Engineering
SPE - Structured PhD (Engineering and Informatics) (Electrical & Electronic Engineering) Electronic Engineering
SPE - Structured PhD (Engineering and Informatics) (Industrial Engineering) Industrial Engineering
SPE - Structured PhD (Engineering and Informatics) (Information Technology) Information Technology
SPE - Structured PhD (Engineering and Informatics) (INSIGHT) Insight
SPE - Structured PhD (Engineering and Informatics) (Mechanical & Biomedical Engineering) Industrial Engineering
SPL - Structured PhD (Health Promotion [Medicine/Health Sciences]) Health Promotion
SPL - Structured PhD (Occupational Therapy) Occupational Therapy
SPL - Structured PhD (Podiatric Medicine) Podiatry
SPL - Structured PhD (Speech & Language Therapy) Speech & Language Therapy
SPN - Structured PhD (Nursing & Midwifery) Nursing & Midwifery
SPS - Structured PhD (Anatomy) Anatomy
SPS - Structured PhD (Applied Mathematics) Mathematics
SPS - Structured PhD (Biochemistry) Biochemistry
SPS - Structured PhD (Biomedical Engineering Science) National Centre for Biomedical Engineering Science
SPS - Structured PhD (Biostatistics) Mathematics
SPS - Structured PhD (Botany) Botany
SPS - Structured PhD (Chemistry) Chemistry
SPS - Structured PhD (Earth & Ocean Sciences) Earth & Ocean Sciences
SPS - Structured PhD (Marine Sciences) Marine Research Institute
SPS - Structured PhD (Mathematics) Mathematics
SPS - Structured PhD (Pharmacology & Therapeutics) Pharmacology
SPS - Structured PhD (Physics) Physics
SPS - Structured PhD (Physiology) Physiology
SPS - Structured PhD (Plant & AgriBiosciences) Agriculture
SPS - Structured PhD (Statistics) Mathematics
SPS - Structured PhD (Structured PhD (Bioinformatics) Mathematics
SPS - Structured PhD (Zoology) Zoology
SY - MSc (Business Information Systems) Information Systems
TAG - Teastas Iarchéime (Ardscileanna Gaeilge do Mhúinteoirí) Gaeilge
TLA - Teastas Iarchéime (Léann an Aistriúcháin) Gaeilge
TS - MA (Translation Studies) French
TS - MA (Translation Studies) Gaeilge
TS - MA (Translation Studies) German
TS - MA (Translation Studies) Italian
TS - MA (Translation Studies) Languages
TS - MA (Translation Studies) Spanish
WR - MA (Writing) English
WRE - MSc (Water Resources Engineering) Civil Engineering
ECS - Master In Arts (Early Childhood Studies) Education
ECS - Master In Arts (Early Childhood Studies) Children's Studies
LD - Master of Arts (Adult Learning and Development) Education
MTL - MA (Adult Learning and Teaching) Education
PBL - Postgraduate Diploma In Business (Leadership Development) Management
PDT - Postgraduate Diploma in Technology Commercialisation Management
PDV - Postgraduate Diploma in Innovation Management Management
PFF - Professional Diploma in Education Education
TC - M.Sc. In Technology Management Business & Commerce
TC - M.Sc. In Technology Management Management