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User Requirements

Whether you are seeking one quote or three you must be clear about what it is you are seeking. The more detailed your requirement specification the better a supplier will be able to provide you with an accurate quotation.

Quotation requests MUST always be in writing.   For simplicity, we advise that you use the Quotation Request Form when obtaining pricing.   The following templates are available:   Quotation Request - Goods & Equip  and Quotation Request - Services 

The following points should be noted:

  • ensure you state your contact name and details, including department, etc.
  • clearly specify closing day/time - ensuring you allow an adequate and realistic length of time to suit the nature of the goods/services required
  • include instruction on how suppliers should respond. i.e. via email etc. 
  • avoid the use of "brand names" as it is considered by both our Government and the EU as a restriction to competition
  • include weightings for the criteria you will use to evaluate the responses
  • any conflict of interest must be notified to the Head of Procurement & Contracts in writing and before commencement of this process. 
  • please note some useful information in the Specification Guide - Equipment and Specification Guide - Services

Document Retention:

Because the University may be called upon to provide details of the process during an audit, on completion of each quotation process, the following records should be kept on file by the purchaser:

  • Quotation Request Form issued to suppliers
  • Quotations received
  • Evaluation record
  • Notifications of outcome to suppliers
  • Copy of purchase order

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