Templates & Forms


Quotation Process Templates
The quotation process applies where there is no centralised contract in place, and where the spend value does not exceed €25,000)
Services                           Goods/Equipment                                                  
Quotation Request - Services Quotation Request - Goods & Equip
Quotation - Evaluation Services Quotation - Evaluation Goods
Quotation Award Letter
Quotation Regret Letter
Details on how to conduct a Quotation Process are available here  


Tendering Process Templates
Stage of Process                                                                                                
Initiation  Tender Initiation Form
User  Requirements                                                                                  

Service Contracts:
ITT Services Extract for Budget Holder
ITT Full Version - Services

ITT Goods Extract for Budget Holder
ITT Full Version - Goods-Equipment

Evaluation Tender EvaluationTemplate

National Tenders (below €209,000 ex VAT)
Award Letter

EU Tenders (above €209,000 ex VAT)
Intent to Award Letter
Regret Letter
Award Letter after Standstill

Terms & Conditions Template (for tenders)

Details on how to conduct a tender process are available here.


Mini-Competition Process                                  (required when a centralised contract is a Framework Agreement)

Mini Tender Template.doc

Mini-Competition Opening Record

Mini Competition Evaluation TemplateMini Competition Evaluation Template

Mini Competition Award Letter

Mini Competition - Regret Letter

For further information on the Mini-Competition Process, please visit here


Sole Source Process

Sole Source Form         

Sole Source Quotation Form - Equipment

Sole Source Quotation Form - Service‌       

Further information on the Sole Source Process is available here.



Supplier Setup Process

Supplier Setup Form                                    ‌Further information on the Supplier Setup Process is available here


Terms & Conditions

                                                                                              Terms & Conditions - Goods & Services