2BA Psychology Tutorial booking system

1HY1, OT and SLT students will be assigned to tutorials,
ie. they are not on this system.
Children's Studies students MAY now use the system to book tutorials.

Visiting Students and 4th Year Students click here for tutorial information.

  • You will need to have your official student ID number and an email address, in order to make an online booking

  • If you are not in 2nd Yr Denominated or the first year of the HDip Full classes (2BA7, 1HDP1), you will not be allowed to book into tutorials B, C or D.

  • NOTE: B, C, and D tutorials are all held on Tuesdays.

  • Enter your details and tutorial selection carefully, because you will not be able to change or correct your booking online.

  • Once you have signed-up for your tutorial, you will see a confirmation of your booking. This page will also indicate the venue for your tutorial.

  • Venues may be changed for some of your tutorials, but you will be notified of any changes ahead of time.

  • If, for some reason, you are unable to register online, contact Mr Declan Coogan (by email).

You can sign up for a tutorial, or check the details of your booking using the links below:

Sign Up   |   Check