1BA Psychology Seminar Programme

Online booking system

  • Students may register here for the single one-hour seminar with a member of academic staff in the School of Psychology, which students are required to attend during this academic year. These seminars, held for three students at a time, will involve such activities as discussing a journal article

  • DO NOT BOOK A SEMINAR LESS THAN TWO WORKING DAYS AHEAD ie. no Friday for Monday, or Monday for Tuesday bookings!

  • You will need to have your official student ID number and an email address, in order to make an online booking. Enter your details and make your seminar selection carefully, because you will not be able to change or correct your booking online

  • Once you have signed-up for your session, you will be able to confirm your booking. This page will also indicate the venue for the seminar

  • If, for some reason, you are unable to register online, send an email to the address below with your ID no. and any other pertinent details   

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