JEOL NMR ECX-400 (Room 128)


Magnet: Oxford 11.74 T, actively shielded narrow bore 54 mm

Console: JEOL ECX-400, 3 rf channels, channel 1 high band (1H/19F), channels 2 and 3 low band (15N/31P)

Additional accessory: ASC 64 STAC MAN sample changer

Host computer: Dell Precision 360

NMR Software: Delta v.4.3.6 JEOL

Probes: 5mm broadband40TH5AT/FG2 autotunable universal probe

Plotter/Printer:HP LaserJet 2300dn

The 400 Mhz NMR is suitable for variable temperature 1D and 2D experiments. The observation nuclear range of the autotunable probe is 1H,19F,15N to 31P which is capable of running both direct and indirect heteronuclear experiments.