Welcome to the NUIG NMR Facility

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The National University of Ireland Galway, NMR Centre currently is comprised of 3 high field NMR spectrometers. The University has invested significant funds in developing the NMR facilities since 2009, effectively tripling its instrumentation which encompasses from 9.4 to 14.0 Tesla.


 Pic of 600 MHz Top of Magnet



 Current Instruments


1     JEOL 400 MHz NMR ECX-400 Spectrometer

2     Varian VNMRS 500 MHz 54mm AR Spectrometer

3     Agilent DD2 NMR 600 MHz 54mm ASC Spectrometer, equipped with a cold probe.  


400 MHz 64 Stac Man


The NMR centre currently has expertise in both Jeol and Agilent NMR technologies in both chemical and biological data analysis operating under Delta and VnmrJ, respectively. Also available is an integrated offline MNova data processing technology, allowing the simultaneous packaging of both Jeol and Agilent data sets.