External Collaborative and Linked Providers

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Collaborative provision is where a third party provider is involved by formal agreement in a degree or diploma awarded by NUI Galway. Typically this involves third party institutions delivering aspects of the programme or jointly delivering the programme resulting in joint awards by both institutions. Collaborative provision does not normally extend to student exchange programmes e.g. ERASMUS exchanges, student year abroad, etc. 

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QA246 Collaborative Partnerships (in progress)

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NUI Galway is responsible for the quality assurance of all aspects of its programmes whether partially or wholly delivered by a third party on its behalf and resulting in NUI Galway awards. 

Definitions of collaborative provisions in use at NUI Galway:

  • Articulation agreements are used to recruit students from specific Universities (and therefore countries) into the later stages of specific NUI Galway programmes
  • Joint/double or multiple degrees are where students undertake one programme and receive multiple awards from all partnering Universities
  • Joint research degree is where students undertake one programme with elements from at least two Universities and receive a single joint award from all participating Universities
  • Collaborative programme is where two or more Universities jointly develop and deliver a programme but NUI Galway only awards a degree to its own students
  • Linked Providers are institutions that cannot award degrees but that co-design and provide content for NUI Galway awarded programmes