Director of Quality

The Director of Quality is the principal officer charged with implementing the Governing Authority's Quality Initiative. This initiative commits NUI Galway to develop a culture of quality and innovation which permeates all activities in delivering programmes and services to students and other stakeholders.

The Director of Quality is responsible for developing and interpreting this initiative in the context of the University's overall Strategic Plan and in liaison with other relevant University staff members and units. Specifically this will entail:

  • Developing a review process for quality improvement and performance enhancement
  • Advising on and supporting the University's organisational units on the quality and innovation
  • Developing a resource plan and budget for implementing the Quality Initiative.
  • Identifying relevant models of best practice in other institutions or organisations.
  • Establishing links with other organisations and institutions in regard to Quality Improvement.
  • In co-operation with the Training Officer, developing training programmes for all staff
  • Communicating the University policy, goals and achievements on the Quality Initiative to the University community.
  • Ensuring that the University complies with all aspects of the Universities Act in relation to Quality.

The Director of Quality reports directly to the Vice-President for Innovation and Performance, and work closely with the Registrar & Deputy President and the Executive Director for Operations.