Taught Programme Reviews

All Taught Programmes (e.g. BSc, MSc) must be reviewed as part of  QA003 Review of Schools.  All Taught Programmes must also be monitored by Programme Boards and External Examiners annually as part of QA008 Taught Programme Boards and QA005 External Examiners (Taught).

Special Programme Reviews

Some Taught Programmes may also be reviewed at least once every seven years as part of QA006 Review of Taught Programmes.

Accredited Programmes

Some Taught Programmes may be reviewed by professional, regulatory or statutory bodies (PRSBs) and in compliance with QA244 Accredited Programmes and are deemed to have met compliance with QA006 above.

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Programme Approvals and Major Changes

All new and major changes to Taught Programmes are approved by the Academic Council Standing Committee.

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