Internal Policies and Procedures (P&Ps)

P&Ps provide internal standards and guidelines and "say what we do" when delivering key processes.  Every member of the University is responsible to "do what we say" i.e. implement these agreed P&Ps to a high standard.  P&Ps must reflect best practice in higher education and are subject to review and revision at least once every seven years.

Click here to view the P&P Repository.

P&P's appear in a number of formats including (i) webpages, (ii) documents, (iii) manuals, (iv) software interfaces and (iv) reports.  For more information on creating P&Ps see QA002 Policies and Procedures.

Self-evaluation, Monitoring and Review

A subset of P&Ps are focussed on Quality Reviews and Quality Enhancements.

External Standards and Guidelines

Click here for a list of external standards and guidelines and Goverment statutes affecting quality in higher education.