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 Welcome back to NUI Galway!

If your course allows you to choose different subjects / modules, you should direct any queries directly to the Discipline.
Each department has guidelines regarding subject choices and options.  Click here for details of College Offices

Returning Adult Education Programmes, click here

How do I Register?

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In order to register for 17/18 after 31st September, you must...

  1. Obtain Permission from College / School and  forward to 
  2. Contact the Fees Office at
  3. Once the Fees Office have cleared you to register, email with confirmation of same.
  4. If you are a 1st year  - your student ID card can be picked up from SID, otherwise the card you had from last year will still work once you are registered.
  5. To add modules to your curriculum after online registration has closed - please contact the College Office
  6. New students: your default password is galwayddmm (galway plus your date of birth, eg 10 May - galway1005)

NOTE:  You can log in and view your curriculum / modules selection at any time.

noteThis Online Registration record must correspond with your Blackboard Account.  If your Blackboard details do not match your Online account, contact immediately as this may have implications for your personal exam timetable.

January Module Registration / Change of mind:

  • Online registration is now closed. Click here for further info - new / continuing
  • Online Module selection/Change of Mind is open from Monday, 8th January to  Friday, 2nd February, 2018.  Click here


I am studying abroad this year, do I need to register and choose modules?

YES, you must register as a student at the beginning of the academic year and select modules where relevant e.g. BA students can select their 2 modules e.g. History and Spanish.

I am a repeat student can I register online?

YES, you can register online.   Online registraiton for repeat students opens on Sepetmber 2nd.  

It is your responsibility to ensure that all details of registered modules and exemptions listed on your registration statement are correct. You are  not permitted to re-sit any modules you have previously passed so please ensure that these exemptions are listed on your record.

I would like to update my home address but I am not allowed to do so on My Campus.

To update your home address e-mail stating your ID number, your old address and your current address.

How can I check if I have registered correctly?

Once you register your modules on My Campus and click ’Finish’ your modules are registered. You should then print a copy for your own records. Click  here to access you registration record.

If I have Fees or Funding queries who do I contact? 

Please refer to the  Fees website for fee related queries.  If you are in receipt of a SUSI grant, you  must provide your SUSI reference number (in the format W1XXXXXXXXXXX) when you complete your online registration details.  If you are unable to provide your SUSI reference number when confirming your place, please email .  Failure to provide same may result in non payment of your grant

If I Require a Leave Of Absence ? 

If you require a Leave of Absence or wish to extend an existing Leave of absence - Please contact the College Office.  

‌Y‌our Campus Account provides, access using a single user ID and password, to PC Suites, Email & Microsoft Office 365 Apps, WiFi, Blackboard, Library Systems, Online Registration, MyCampus, Exam Timetables and Exam Results.  
Once you have registered , click on the CASS logo above to set up your Campus Account

If you are a past student of this University, please note that it is NUI Galway policy to retain your full student history under your first (or old) NUI Galway ID number. You will therefore be required to register using your existing NUI Galway student number (please do not register using your PAC application number). There are, unfortunately, implications for your student account if you register under the wrong number; you can read these here .  

Repeat Students

  • If you failed modules in Summer or Autumn, you are automatically progressed to the 2017/2018 academic year.
  • If you are incomplete for an academic year prior to 2016/2017 and wish to return to complete your studies, please contact the relevant College and discuss your options with them.
  • Please note that you cannot resit any modules previously sat and passed.  It is your responsibility to ensure that all details or registered modules and exemptions are correct.
  • Deletion of Core modules /Addition of previous year exemptions to record ( modules previously passed):
    - Please note that core modules may, at the request from the department, be deleted from a student record. 
    - These modules still appear in  the "select subjects / modules" screen of the registration portal.  This is not your regisration record.  This is simply a list of the modules
       available to you on your programme.
    -  NOTE: Your registered modules are those listed on the first screen as you log in to your account -  - This screen and only this screen, is the true
        reflection of your registered subjects and NOT the "Subjects  / Selection" screen.

Leave of Absence

  • If you were approved for a Leave of Absence for 2016/2017, you are progressed into 2017/2018 academic year automatically. 
  • Please email to ensure your curriculum is correct and all exemptions have carried.
  • Please note that you cannot resit any modules previously sat and passed. It is your responsibility to ensure that all details or registered modules and exemptions are correct.