Welcome to NUI Galway!

You can access useful information such as orientation, accommodation, student services at here.

Online Registration for 17/18 is now closed, if you have any queries, please email reghelp@nuigalway.ie .  

*Please note you cannot register for the 18/19 academic year until August 2018 


What is Registration?

Registration is the collection and maintenance of student data. All information is stored centrally on the Student Record System. All students at NUI Galway must register ONLINE to become students of the University each year, this is obligatory.

When do I register?

Online registration opens Thursday,  23rd August 2018.  Change of Mind period is available from Sept 17th to Sept 24th.   
Students must register as soon as possible each academic year of their course, to gain access to University services such as Student , Library, Blackboard, Access to rooms etc. 

Will I receive registration information in the post?

You will receive an email from the registration team once your details are transferred from the CAO. This email will direct you to our Registration page especially designed for new incoming 1st year students. (This information will be sent to  the email address which you provided in your CAO application - this email address can be changed once you are a registered student of NUI Galway).  A copy of this correspondence will also be available here to view for information.
On this webpage, there is a link to our Online Registration Guide (how to register) and you should read this before registering.

‌How do I register?

  1. Your default password is galwayddmm (galway plus your date of birth, eg 10 May - galway1005)
  2. Pay Fees now or later
  3. Choose Subjects /  modules
  4. NOTE:  You must select all your /subjects modules when you login to register ( eg 60 ects).  You cannot exit without selecting the full credits for your course. 
  5. Collect Student ID card

First Year Adult Education students click here                             International Students Click Here 

    • NOTE:  If you are a past student of this University, please note that it is NUI Galway policy to retain your full student history under your first or old NUI Galway ID number, you  will therefore be required to register using your  existing NUI Galway student number and  should not register using your PAC application number. 
    • Please note the implications of not using your old/existing number: Important Notice for Past Students Returning to NUI Galway via CAO or PAC
    •  The Registration Help desks will be open in August and September, Monday to Friday , from 8.30 am to 5pm

‌How do I select my modules/subjects ?

There are 4 options available to you, depending on your course:

  1. Courses that have subjects/modules that are all compulsory (i.e. Core) - these are automatically added to you record once you have completed registration.
  2. Courses that have both optional and core subjects/modules - these are available to select online, click here for guidelines  
  3. Courses that have all optional subjects / modules - these are available to select online, click here for guidelines  
  4. Courses with no subjects/modules  - once you are registered - your record is completed. *

(* if no subjects appear on your record after registration is complete, email reghelp@nuigalway.ie ASAP)

Can I register without paying fees?

  • Yes. You can register without paying fees as you will have a  ’pay now’ or  ’pay later’ option available to you.  
  • If you have applied for a SUSI grant, you  must provide your SUSI reference number (in the format W1XXXXXXXXXXX) when you complete your online registration details.  If you are unable to provide your SUSI reference number when confirming your place, please email  reghelp@nuigalway.ie .  Failure to provide same may result in non payment of your grant.  
  • If you have any queries in relation to your application please contact  SUSI directly. 

If I miss Online Registration, how do I Register?

  1. Obtain Permission from College / School and  forward to reghelp@nuigalway.ie 
  2. Contact the Fees Office at fees@nuigalway.ie .   Once the Fees Office have cleared you to register, email reghelp@nuigalway.ie with confirmation of same.
  3. If you are a 1st year  - your student ID card can be picked up from SID ( upon presentation of acceptable form of ID -birth cert/passport/drivers licence), otherwise the card you had from last year will still work once you are registered.
  4. To add modules to your curriculum after online registration has closed - please contact the College Office
  5. New students: your default password is galwayddmm (galway plus your date of birth, eg 10 May - galway1005)
  6. NOTE:  You can log in here and view your curriculum / modules selection at any time.

 I cannot upload a photo online what will I do?

  • All first year students must load a passport sized photo which will be printed on your Student ID card. Upload a passport sized photo of yourself if one does not exist, under the 'Profile' tab in  online registration  on or before *** (date to be specified). Click  for more details.
What is my login?
  • Firstly, you must log onto Online Registration and register    http://www.nuigalway.ie/registration Your logon is as follows:- User Name is : Your CAO number, password  ( galway ddmm, i.e.  galway +day and month of your date of birth, eg DOB 11th May, password is galway1105.).  Details are indicated in the Online Registration guide 
  • Once registered, it is vital that you setup your Campus Account - Click CASS icon below this FAQ section for details   

 I would like to update my home address but I am not allowed to do so on My Campus.

To update your home address e-mail  sid@nuigalway.ie stating your ID number, your old address and your current address.

How can I check if I have registered correctly?

Once you register your modules on My Campus and click ’Finish’ your modules are registered. You should then print a copy for your own records. Click  here to access you registration record.

I am unable to attend on the appointed day to collect my student ID card, what will I do?

That is not a problem, just come along to the 1st Floor, Áras Uí Chathail as soon as you can, and preferably in the morning. Don't forget to bring along your birth certificate, passport or driving licence and your PPS number as we will have to look and verify these items before we can issue you with a student ID card. (You will not get your ID unless you produce at least on of the three forms of documentation listed above).

Non-EU Student Information 


  You must first go to the Fees Office and sort out any Fees owed (Ground Floor, Áras Uí Chathail) and  then call to the Registration Help desks located on the 1st Floor, Áras Uí Chathail   in August 2018.   Please bring with you your passport. 


‌Y‌our Campus Account provides, access using a single user ID and password, to PC Suites, Email & Microsoft Office 365 Apps, WiFi, Blackboard, Library Systems, Online Registration, MyCampus, Exam Timetables and Exam Results.  
Once you have registered , click on the CASS logo above to set up your Campus Account

If you are a past student of this University, please note that it is NUI Galway policy to retain your full student history under your first (or old) NUI Galway ID number. You will therefore be required to register using your existing NUI Galway student number (please do not register using your PAC application number). There are, unfortunately, implications for your student account if you register under the wrong number; you can read these here .