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‌Online Registration for 1st Year Undergraduate programmes is now closed.  Please see below How To Register Now for 20/21.

  •  First Year Adult Education students click here                             International Students Click Here 
  •  The Registration Help desks are now closed - email reghelp@nuigalway.ie  ( please include your course code and student id number your query ) 

The following is required to register Now for 20/21:

  1. COLLEGE PERMISSION: Obtain Permission from College / School and  forward to reghelp@nuigalway.ie 
  2. FEES: Contact the Fees Office at fees@nuigalway.ie .   Once the Fees Office have cleared you to register, email reghelp@nuigalway.ie with confirmation of same.
  3. STUDENT: In order for us to manually register you, we require your authorisation, please reply to this email if you want to register and accept the Universities Terms & Conditions.

    I am hereby bound by the Terms & Conditions set out in the attached link and by emailing reghelp@nuigalway.ie  I confirm by consent.

  4. Your student ID card will be posted to you after your register for 20/21.
  5. To add MODULES to your curriculum after online registration has closed - please contact the College Office, as we require their permission to make any changes to your record. 
NOTE:  You can log in and view your curriculum / modules selection at any time.



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