Welcome to NUI Galway!

‌Online Registration for 1st Year Undergraduate programmes is now closed.  Please see below How To Register for 20/21.

  •  First Year Adult Education students click here                             International Students Click Here 
  •  The Registration Help desks are now closed - email reghelp@nuigalway.ie  ( please include your course code and student id number your query ) 

If Online Registration is closed for your Programme the following is required to register for 20/21:

  1. COLLEGE PERMISSION: Obtain Permission from College / School and  forward to reghelp@nuigalway.ie 
  2. FEES: Contact the Fees Office at fees@nuigalway.ie .   Once the Fees Office have cleared you to register, email reghelp@nuigalway.ie with confirmation of same.
  3. STUDENT: In order for us to manually register you, we require your authorisation, please reply to this email if you want to register and accept the Universities Terms & Conditions.

    I am hereby bound by the Terms & Conditions set out in the attached link and by emailing reghelp@nuigalway.ie  I confirm by consent.

  4. Your student ID card will be posted to you after your register for 20/21.
  5. To add MODULES to your curriculum after online registration has closed - please contact the College Office, as we require their permission to make any changes to your record. 
NOTE:  You can log in and view your curriculum / modules selection at any time.


What is Registration?

Registration is the collection and maintenance of student data. All information is stored centrally on the Student Record System. All students at NUI Galway must register ONLINE to become students of the University each year, this is obligatory.

When do I register?

Online Registration opens on Sept 16th.  You cannot register before this date.
You will receive an email from registration inviting you to register online.Students must register as soon as possible each academic year of their course, to gain access to University services such as Student ID Card, Library, Blackboard, Access to rooms etc. 

Will I receive registration information in the post?

No, You will receive an email from the registration team once your details are transferred from the CAO. This email will direct you to our Registration page especially designed for new incoming 1st year students. (This information will be sent to the email address which you provided in your CAO application - Note that this this email address can be changed once you are a registered student of NUI Galway).  A copy of this correspondence will be available to view here‌.
‌On this webpage, there will be a link to our Online Registration Guide (how to register) and you should read this before registering.
NOTE:  It will take 48 hours after you accept your CAO offer that you will receive this email, so dont worry if you dont receive the mail straight away

‌How do I register?

1. Log into your student portal below when online registration opens for your programme
2. Pay Fees now or later
3. Choose Subjects /  modules  - if you know at time of registration what you want to add to your curriculum, if not, thats fine, you can add them after orientation week when you have more course information.
4. ID Card distribution to be confirmed near to start of term. ( See here for ID card guidelines)
Copy of Registration correspondence sent to all incoming 1st year students will be available to view in mid Sept.
 *Your default password will be noted in your welcome email. 

First Year Adult Education students click here                             International Students Click Here for details

What is my login?

  • Firstly, you must log onto your Student Portal and register when it opens from September 16th. 
  • Your logon is a combination of a Username and Password.  Your User Name is your CAO number.  Password details will be noted in your welcome email.  Details will also be indicated in the Online Registration Gide 
  • Once registered, it is vital that you setup your Campus Account - See here for info.

How do I select my modules / subjects?

Click to view Schematic for Building Curriculum - Building Blocks

 For any queries selecting your modules please refer to your course handbook and/or Department website.
(* if no subjects appear on your record after registration is complete, email reghelp@nuigalway.ie ASAP)
NOTE:  You can log into your student portal here and view your curriculum / modules selection at any time.

**You may not know what subjects you wish to add until after Orientation Week.  This is fine as the system is designed so that you can add/delete modules until the 14th October.**

How do I get my student ID Card?

For ID card info please click here 

Where do I get my course timetable?

You will received information such as Course material / handbooks etc during Orientation Week.
After that time, all queries regarding course handbooks, timetables, and module selection should be directed to the department or College Office 

Can I register without paying fees?

  • Yes. You can register without paying fees as you will have a  ’pay now’ or  ’pay later’ option available to you during the Online Registration period.  
  • If you have applied for a SUSI grant, you  must provide your SUSI reference number (in the format W1XXXXXXXXXXX) when you complete your online registration details.  If you are unable to provide your SUSI reference number when confirming your place, please email  reghelp@nuigalway.ie .  Failure to provide same may result in non payment of your grant.  
  • If you have any queries in relation to your application please contact  SUSI directly. 

I cannot upload a photo online what will i do?

All first year students must load a passport sized photo which will be printed on your Student ID card. Please email a photo to regphotos@nuigalway.ie noting your student ID number in the subject line of the email, and we can save to your record. 

I would like to update my home address but I am not allowed to do so on your Student Portal.

To update your home address e-mail  sid@nuigalway.ie stating your ID number, your old address and your current address.

How can I check if I have registered correctly?

You can check your registration details at any time on your Student Portal -  here .

How do I collect my ID Card?

Due to the Covid restrictions, the Student ID card collection process is not yet finalised.

I was on an Approved Leave of Absence last year, can I register online?

  • If you were approved for a Leave of Absence for 2019/2020, you are progressed into 2020/2021 academic year automatically, and will receive registration correspondence via email.  If you are not returning ( withdrawing) or wish to extend your Leave of Absence, please liaise directly with your College Office and they will in turn advise Registration.
  • Once you re-register for 2020/2021, you will have access to systems and services.  If you have any difficulties with your account, please email ISS at servicedesk@nuigalway.ie.  
  • Please email reghelp@nuigalway.ie to ensure your curriculum is correct and all exemptions have carried.
  • EXEMPTIONS / PREVIOUSLY PASSED MODULES: It is your responsibility to ensure that all details of registered modules and exemptions listed on your registration statement are correct.   Please note that you cannot resit any modules previously sat and passed.  It is your responsibility to ensure that all details or registered modules and exemptions are correct.
  • Click here for further information on Leave of Absence Guidelines

I am a REPEAT student, what additional information do I need? 

  • If you fail modules in Summer or Autumn, you are automatically progressed to the next academic year - 20/21 and will receive registration correspondence via email ( Leagan Gaeilge‌). 
  • If you are incomplete for an academic year prior to 2019/2020 and wish to return to complete your studies, please contact the relevant College  and discuss your options with them.
  • EXEMPTIONS / PREVIOUSLY PASSED MODULES: It is your responsibility to ensure that all details of registered modules and exemptions listed on your registration statement are correct.   Please note that you cannot resit any modules previously sat and passed.  It is your responsibility to ensure that all details or registered modules and exemptions are correct.
    PLEASE NOTE...In some instances, some of the modules that you sat and passed may not automatically carry over to your repeat record as exempt - this is due to the fact that they are not available in your repeat year.  In this case, we will manually add the value of theses credits in the form of EX005, EX010 etc - please ensure that you only register for the balance of passed modules required.   
    Eg.  - Required Credits  for the Year -  60ects
              - Previously Passed - 30ects
              - Carried as exempt - 20ects
             - thus appear to be deficient/short in 10 passed credits as not available / didnt carry over
              -Reghelp will add the balance of 10 ects as EX010
              -you only need to regsiter for 30 ects
    DO NOT register for extra credits as these will be removed from your record.

Regulations for Carrying 10ECTS into next Academic Year 

Click Here to view Regulations and Guidleines for carrying up to 10ECTS to 20/21.

Non-EU Student Information 

FOR 20/21 INCOMING NON-EU STUDENTS:     Click here for Registration Information

I can't login to my student portal / change password / access my email...what do I do?

Check the following link http://www.nuigalway.ie/information-solutions-services/services-for-students/ for guidance / further information.

I am a past student of this University, do I get a new ID number?


No.  Please note that it is NUI Galway policy to retain your full student history under your first (or old) NUI Galway ID number. You will therefore be required to register using your existing NUI Galway student number (please do not register using your application number). There are, unfortunately, implications for your student account if you register under the wrong number; you can read these here .  

Registration Terminology

Click here t‌o view useful terms