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Annual ISGCT Conference

Prof. Tim O'Brien

The second meeting of the Irish Society for Gene and Cell Therapy took place in Cork on May 15th-16th, 2008.


This year's conference was jointly organised with the British Society for Gene Therapy, and the International Society of Cell & Gene Therapy of Cancer, and included many high profile figures in the gene therapy field. Several illuminating and productive discussions took place on new developments in various gene and cell therapies. Ireland has some of the most talented and innovative investigators working in these fields today and we hope that this conference will continue to be a forum for a rich and stimulating exchange of information. The event featured world-class investigators detailing current progress in Cardiovascular Disease, Single Gene Disorders as well as Cancer Gene & Cell Therapy. These and many other topics, especially the translation of these research efforts to the clinic, were covered over the course of the conference.

Conference Committee

President: Prof. Timothy O’Brien
ISGCT Director

Vice-President: Prof. Frank Barry
ISGCT Director

Secretary: Dr. Kieran Ryan

2008 Conference Co-ordinator: Dr. Mark Tangney
Cork Cancer Research Centre
University College Cork

Prof Dermot Kenny
Molecular & Cellular Therapeutics,
Royal College of Surgeon Ireland

Dr. Jane Farrar
Dept. Genetics
Trinity College Dublin

Dr. Shirley O'Dea
Department of Biology
National University of Ireland Maynooth

Prof. Greg Atkins
Moyne Institute of Preventive Medicine
Trinity College Dublin