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REMEDI PI publishes major new book

November 27th 2009

Rhodri Ceredig, Stokes Professor of Immunology and REMEDI PI, has published a major new book with Geoffrey Brown from the University of Birmingham.

Book is entitled “Cell Determination during Hematopoiesis”.

For many years the mammalian blood cell system has provided cell biologists and hematologists with one of the best experimental models in which to unravel how one stem cell – the hematopoietic stem cell – gives rise to many different types of progeny. Numerous models of lineage relationships have emerged, but the most influential of these, in which differentiating cells undergo a series of binary choices, has been increasingly challenged in recent years – to the extent that the accumulation of new findings recently culminated in a Nature commentary suggesting that “the latest research will necessitate the revision of textbook accounts”. This book brings together contributions from many leading experts in the field of blood cell development who each discuss both the overall process of hematopoiesis and the origins and development of each of the cells of the blood and immune systems. It describes how new molecular, cellular and – particularly – transgenic tools are helping us to understand the processes that control the lineage fates of hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells and how lineage-committed progeny develop along particular maturation pathways.

For more information & chapter contents, see attached leaflet: