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Welcome to the Regenerative Medicine Institute (REMEDI®)


May 19th 2010

EuroStemCell connects European citizens with stem cell research. An ambitious 4-year project launched in March 2010 unites more than 90 European stem cell and regenerative medicine research laboratories in a coordinated effort to engage with the public about their science.

The new EuroStemCell project, awarded €830,000 by the EU’s Framework 7 programme, aims to provide a much-needed multilingual source of clear and accessible information on stem cell research. But it goes further than simply imparting information. The project hopes to empower Europe’s citizens.

Dr Clare Blackburn, the Project’s Coordinator, says: “We want to provide accurate information, but also to encourage real dialogue between scientists and the public. The goal is to enable people to understand, question and form opinions on the science they read about in the newspapers, learn about at school and that will impact future healthcare.” EuroStemCell’s membership of scientists, clinicians, specialist communicators, science museums and educators will work together to develop the EuroStemCell.org website into a dynamic, multilingual information hub. The site will provide current analyses of the latest scientific developments, ethical issues and regulations. It will also develop and act as a central repository for stem cell resources, teaching tools and activities. Contributions are invited from anyone working in this field. Project members, including REMEDI gathered in Edinburgh at the end of April 2010 to kick-start their collaborative effort. There was a great deal of enthusiasm and ambition amongst members of the team: “Stem cell research and regenerative medicine are advancing quickly. The science can be complex, but it’s fascinating too, and of great public interest. We want EuroStemCell.org to become Europe’s first port of call for anyone with a question about this field,” says website editor Kate Doherty. EuroStemCell.org arose out of a previous stem cell research project and has since been actively supported by scientists. The site already provides information and educational tools from short films to frequently asked questions, news pieces and teaching materials. Visit EuroStemCell.org now