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Renowned Scientist Robert Nerem visits NUI Galway

April 30th 2008

Dr. Nerem gave a lecture entitled "Cell-Based Therapies: From Basic Biology to Replacement, Repair and Regeneration" on May 1st at 5pm in Lecture Theatre 250 in the IT Building.

Dr Robert Nerem is Director of the Georgia Tech/Emory Center (GTEC) for the Engineering of Living Tissues.

Regenerative medicine continues to emerge as a science and a technology, with the beginnings of an industry. The goal is the repair, replacement, and/or the regeneration of tissues and organs. The potential here remains enormous; however, there is no question but that this field has been burdened by unrealistic expectations. This not withstanding, the sciences and the research advances being made continue to be exciting. Remaining scientific barriers include such critical issues as cell source, scaffolds/matrix, and immune acceptance. As one moves from benchtop research towards commercialization, there are additional issues that must be faced. These technology issues include scaling up the manufacturing process and ensuring quality control. The real opportunity may be in addressing the transplantation crisis, i.e. the tremendous disparity between the patient need for vital organs and donor availability. Equally important is the challenge of chronic diseases and neural repair. These are the grand challenges; however, success will not be achieved unless the community mobilizes itself in order to translate the benchtop science to the patient bedside.