Fáilte chuig an Institiúid um Leigheas Athghiniúnach
Welcome to the Regenerative Medicine Institute (REMEDI®)

Our Partners

REMEDI has forged a variety of collaborative partners between industry, clinical scientists and national and international academic institutions in the realisation of its ultimate goal of researching regenerative medicine into translational medical therapies.

Strong partnerships with industry have always been key to REMEDI's success as the Institute enters its second phase, these partnerships have been enhanced and expanded.  REMEDI values the importance of partnering with industry in developing medical device technologies in which to enable research outputs by way of translational medicine to be realised.  REMEDI has partnerships with the following medical device companies:  

• Creganna-Tactx Medical
• EnBio
• Medtronic
• Ovagen
• Orbsen Therapeutics
• Proxy Biomedical
• Smith & Nephew
• Ziel Biopharma

The translation basic research in stem cell biology and gene therapy is realised through regenerative medical treatments by partnerships with ICRIN at the clinical level and a number of academic partners in Ireland at the research level.  REMEDI's academic partners within Ireland include:

• Centre for Research into Vascular Biology
• NUI Maynooth Institute of Immunology
• Systems Biology Ireland

REMEDI is determined to ensure that the best talent is used in an optimal manner to ensure regenerative medicine is harnessed from basic research to translational medicine.  REMEDI has also collaborated with a number of international academic partners to ensure that the best talent available can assist in the realisation of its ultimate goals.

REMEDI's international partner institutions include:

• Mayo Clinic
• Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory Center for Living Tissue
• Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine (WFIRM)
• University of Arizona Center for Gamma Ray Imaging
• Cleveland Center for Regenerative Medicine
• Singapore Stem Cell Consortium