Fáilte chuig an Institiúid um Leigheas Athghiniúnach
Welcome to the Regenerative Medicine Institute (REMEDI®)

Gene Therapy

Dr. Karl McCullagh

Karl's research looks at proteins associated with the dystrophin complex and he is also interested in growth and regeneration of muscle tissue.

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Paul Lohan

Investigation of immunological and cartilage repair properties of allogeneic differentiated mesenchymal stem cells and articular chondrocytes.

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Prof. Thomas Ritter

Personal Professor in Medicine
Vice-Dean for Research, College of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences

Cellular Immunology, Cornea Transplantation, Gene Therapy.

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Prof. Timothy O'Brien

Director of REMEDI

Development of gene and cell therapy approaches to vascular disease with a special focus on the augmentation of nitric oxide bioavailability.

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Dr. Faisal Sharif

Senior Lecturer in Regenerative Medicine

His key area of interest is translational medicine focusing on cardiovascular clinical trials for medical devices and basic science outputs.

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Clara Sanz Nogu├ęs

Cardiovasular, Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs), Angiogenic potential of microencapsulated MSCs

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