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Dr. Jessica Hayes

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Jessica's research is focusing on cell targeting for enhancing osteointegration in patients with reduced tissue regenerative capacity.

Researcher in

Research Project Area: 

At present, no cure exists for musculoskeletal diseases such as osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. Therefore, for long-term patients, current treatment strategies generally involve joint replacement. However, in patients where bone quantity and quality are issues, primary fixation of an implant can be challenging. Therefore, it is of great importance that direct bone bonding (osteointegration) to an implant is achieved for stability and limb function to be restored. It has recently been shown that limited recruitment of osteoprogenitor cells to the site of implantation is a factor in compromised osteointegration. The aim of this project, therefore, is to develop a bio-functionalized implant for joint replacement procedures that will specifically target osteoprogenitor recruitment, attachment and differentiation at the tissue-implant interface. This will potentially improve the clinical outcome of the procedure in bone compromised patients.

Positions Held: 

January 2011 - Present   Postdoctoral Researcher, REMEDI, NUI Galway

2008 - 2010   Post doctoral Researcher, AO Research Institute, Switzerland

2004 - 2008   Ph.D in Biomedical Sciences, AO Research Instutute, Switzerland & University of Cardiff, Wales

2003  Teaching Assistant & Demonstrator, Department of Anatomy, University of Cardiff, Wales

Awards & Honours: 


• Member of International Editorial Review Board, eCell and Materials on-line journal, at http://www.ecmjournal.org/
• Conference Chair, European Society for Biomaterials Conference, 2009.
• Invited reviewer, European Society for Biomaterials 2009 & 2010.
• Invited reviewer World Biomaterials Conference, 2008.
• Invited reviewer for European Cells & Materials Congress, 2008.
• Member of Swiss Society of Biomaterials, European society of Biomaterials and Orthopaedic Research Society, 2004-present.

Research Funding Secured

• 2008 secured approximately 700,000CHF from the AO Trauma Board for a four-year PhD project which aims to investigate species specific response of osteoblasts to implant materials (manuscript in preparation).
• 2009 secured approximately 95,000CHF from the AO Exploratory Research Board for a 1 year start-up project to assess the innate ability of surface microtopography of implant materials to drive mesenchymal stem cell differentiation (manuscript in preparation).
• 2010 secured approximately 700,00CHF from the AO Trauma Board to investigate chemical surface modification of implant materials for controlling tissue integration (project on-going).

Additional Training

• Certificate in Advanced Project Management
• Certificate in Scanning Electron Microscopy
• Certificate in Bio-statistics

Selected Publications: 

Journal Publications

Hayes & RG Richards. The use of titanium and stainless steel in orthopaedic fracture fixation. Exp Rev of Med Devices 2010 7(6): 843-853

JS Hayes; IM Khan; CW Archer; RG Richards. The role of surface microtopography in the modulation of osteoblast phenotype. Eur Cell Mater 2010 20:98-108

JS Hayes, U. Seidenglanz, SG Pearce, CW Archer, RG Richards. Surface polishing positively influences ease of fracture fixation plate & screw removal. Eur Cell Mater. 2010 19: 117-126

JS Hayes & RG Richards. Surfaces to control implant tissue adhesion for osteosynthesis: in vitro an in vivo. Exp Rev of Med Devices 2010 7(1): 131-142.

JS Hayes; DI, Vos; J Hahn; SG Pearce; RG Richards. An in vivo evaluation of surface polishing of TAN intramedullary nails for ease of removal. Eur Cell Mater 2009 18: 15-26

P Schlegel, JS Hayes, VM Frauchiger, B Gasser, R Wieling, M Textor, RG Richards. An in vivo evaluation of the biocompatibility of anodic plasma chemical treatment with calcium phosphate of titanium. J Biomed Mater Res B 2009 90(1) 26-34. (joint first authorship)

L Zehnder; T Schulzki; JS. Goede; JS Hayes; W H. Reinhart. Erythrocyte storage in hypertonic (SAGM) or isotonic (PAGGSM) conservation medium: Influence on cell properties. Vox Sanguinis 2008 95:208-287

Book Chapters

N Kildea & JS Hayes. AO Trauma: Techniques & Principles for the Operating Room (Ed M Porteous & S Bäuerle) Ch.1 Operating room Principles, 1.5 Implants pp 68-73. (ISBN 978-3-13-151081) Thieme NY 2010.

Selected Conference Proceedings

Czekanska EM, Hayes JS, Ralphs JR, Richards RG. Characterisation of common osteoblast models used for orthopaedic research. Eur Orthop Res Society, Davos CH 2010

Hayes JS; Vos, DI; Hahn, J; Pearce, SG; Richards, RG. Reducing implant removal complications via surface polishing of intramedullary nails. European Society of Biomaterial, Lausanne, CH. 2009.

Hayes, JS; Archer, CW; Richards, RG. Control of integration at a cellular level : Influence of surface polishing on bony on-growth. 55th Annual meeting of the Orthopaedic Research Society, Las Vegas, 2009.

Vos, DI; Hayes, JS; Hahn, J; Pearce, SG; Richards, RG An evaluation of surface polishing of TAN intramedullary nails for ease of removal in an animal model. Orthopaedic Trauma Association, Denver, Colorado, USA, 2008.

Hayes, JS; Archer, CW; Richards, RG. The Potential of Surface Polishing for Elective Internal Fixator Retrieval. European Society of Biomaterials, Brighton, UK, 2007.

Hayes, JS; Archer, CW; Richards, RG. The effect of surface topogrpahy in controlling tissue integration. Orthopaedic Research Society Conference, Chicago, USA, 2006.

Hayes, JS; Archer, CW; Richards, RG. The effect of surface topography of metals used in internal fracture fixation on osteoblast-like cells. European Society of Biomaterials, Sorrento, Italy, 2005.

Professional and Personal Interests: 

Research Interests: Osteoblast biology, osteoblast differentiation, cell & developmental biology, fracture healing, regenerative medicine, tissue engineering, in-vitro & in-vivo evaluation of cell/tissue-material interactions.

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